Lawsuit accuses GameStop of privacy infringement

U.S. retailer allegedly recorded customer's personal information

U.S. based retailer GameStop has become the subject of a class action lawsuit alleging that the company obtained and recorded personal information about its customers.

The suit, first noticed by website IGN, was filed by Melissa Arechiga of Alameda County California and claims that GameStop illegally recorded her name, credit card number, and personal identification information (PII) following a shop purchase.

The suit suggests that GameSpot uses PII from customers to derive other personal information, including residential addresses.

"Such conduct is performed intentionally and without the knowledge or consent of the cardholder, and is of potentially great benefit to [GameStop]," says the suit.

Arechiga is seeking damages and a court order preventing GameStop from retaining personal information.

The class action allows any customer in California to be listed as a plaintiff. A full copy of the suit can be found in PDF format at this location.

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Kenneth Bruton Producer 7 years ago
GAMESTOP and now FACEBOOK using PII? It almost makes you not want to register for services, order online, or buy anything that requires your credit card, address, or drivers' license...
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David Spender Lead Programmer 7 years ago
This is pretty easily solved. Don't give it out. Know your rights, protect your privacy. I would never give ANY PII to Gamestop or any store. I always say 'no thanks' to even a phone number or zip coder request. And Facebook, are you kidding me? They get my name and that's it. Nothing else is listed except a Google Voice number I have specifically to put on Facebook.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game7 years ago
@David, the information it says she gave was name, credit card no, both needed to purchase via credit card, and personal id info, which I'm guessing was possibly used for age varification, or suchlike. If she gave info like phone number or email that wasn't required to make her purchase, I would question why she didn't realise it would be logged for marketting.
Couldn't agree more for facebook, it has name and my secondary email address, but certainly no address or phone numbers.
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Adam Lennox7 years ago
I feel there's more to the story. because giving out info like that is dangerous. but what reason do they have for keeping that info? if they "need" that kind of info then they should have you sign a legal doc stating why and what the info is used for. other than that the shopper I believe has every right to file a suit against them.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Adam Lennox on 3rd March 2011 5:09am

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Ulrika Tegtmeier7 years ago
Of course nobody knows what really went on with that customer at her local gamestop. What I know from having worked in one of those stores for a while is that customers who trade in used games or customers who preorder games are asked to give their personal information for obvious reasons. It sounds a lot as if what started this suit was a misunderstanding as to which informations were necessary for that customer's purchase.
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J. Goldmaker Community Management 7 years ago
Never rent a DVD from Blockbuster. God forbid a kid copies the hard drive to his USB stick. Between that, the cab drivers video cam, and the Pizza delivery guy that knows your buzzer code, Al Qaeda has a better information collection service than the NSA!

Edited 2 times. Last edit by J. Goldmaker on 28th March 2011 6:58am

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