Free OnLive console with game pre-orders

Homefront promotion grants free $99 hardware

A limited time promotion for THQ's upcoming Homefront will allow U.S. customers who pre-order the game to receive a free OnLive gaming system worth $99.

Customers who pre-order the forthcoming first person shooter between 25 February and 14 March will receive a free set-top box, excluding taxes and shipping costs. The website promotion also includes instant access to 2010 title Metro 2033 via OnLive.

"This is a watershed event: It's the first time a game system has ever been given away with the purchase of a game," said OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman.

"Homefront is one of the biggest games coming out this quarter, and we wanted gamers to see just how incredible is to have the hottest title playable with the instant-play, massive spectating experience on their HDTV that is only possible through OnLive."

Unlike rival cloud computing service Gaikai, which today announced availability in 12 countries worldwide, OnLive does use a small set-top box as a remote server - and as a base for the system's bespoke controller.

OnLive recently launched a new $10 monthly subscription service, which allows unrestricted access to the system's 38 different titles. These include games from publishers including THQ, Take-Two Interactive and Square Enix.

British Telecom has the exclusive rights to the OnLive service in the UK, with other regional deals expected in other parts of the world.

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Latest comments (10)

Lawrence Makin Audio 9 years ago
That's a pretty hefty give-away. Is it possible that OnLive are struggling to sell their product?
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Well considering that HomeFront is $49.99 at OnLive I would rather just buy an actual copy on my local hard drive. You do not actually own the game there, just the ability to access and play it. Caveat Emptor!
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Jeff Wayne Technical Architect 9 years ago
I'd be surprised at anyone foolish enough to get suckered into that 'offer'.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game9 years ago
"British Telecom has the exclusive rights to the OnLive service in the UK, with other regional deals expected in other parts of the world."

Wow that seems like a brilliant way to limit customers. Were the thinking they were going to be so popular that they had to limit traffic?
I can understand some ISPs not wanting to support game streaming, or only supporting it on their premium packages, but Onlive giving exclusivity seems like comercial suicide. Anyone who wants to play with existing mates who have Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk etc contracts won't be able to talk their mates into trying it out, so may not bother. And BT always seem the most expensive mainstream ISP too, or were up to the last time I checked.
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Abraham Tatester Producer 9 years ago
I got an email promoting this offer late last week and fired up OnLive for the first time in a couple months to see if the video quality had improved since I last tried it. My hopes were raised by an update for OnLive, but unfortunately the video was as desaturated as I remember, with video compression artifacts still visible. (And yes, I do have super-duper Comcast broadband service in a major U.S. city.)

I'd really like to see OnLive be a genuine competitor, but there's still no comparison to a local install or physical console disc. Maybe in a couple years the tech will get better ... but who knows if they can survive that long.

And is it just me or does it seem like OnLive is hoping that gamers will forget that they will eventually be charged a monthly membership fee? I signed up for the beta and so I have this first year free ... are new members being charged? I don't recall seeing a mention of that in a while.
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Rick Cody PBnGames-Board Member 9 years ago
Abraham, It's just rumor but I hear a lot of people saying it's going to stay free. And just to give OnLive a little cred: I don't own a 360 or PS3. So OnLive is great for me. Single player games play and look great. And games like Unreal Tournament 3 play really well in multiplayer. It's easy to doubt the service, but it's an outstanding value.
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Abraham Tatester Producer 9 years ago
Absolutely—I can see how someone who doesn't have a console (or PC that's capable of playing the latest games) would be interested in the service. Of course it's better than no gaming at all!

I'm simply stating my opinion (well, it's really a fact in my experience!) that OnLive games do not stand up in a side-by-side comparison to a local PC install of the same game. I played the both the Madballs and Batman:AA demos on Onlive after running those games off of my own hard drive and there was just no comparison.

But again, I would love to see OnLive achieve some parity in terms of video quality—I would have gone for that Homefront promo if it had.
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Benjamin Schare9 years ago
I'm curious in particular to see if Steam starts a rival service. In such an event, I can't see OnLive fairing too well with such huge competition.
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Luke Child9 years ago
Onlive is rumored to be updating its compression algorithm after GDC (So you may see an improvement in visual quality then Abraham) however the service itself is now staying free:
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Albert Schmidt Game News Reporter 9 years ago
Seeing the comments concerning this product and reading some general feedback from testers, the OnLive product is a good idea at the wrong time. I hope these guys can stay afloat and find ways to make it in this digital delivery format medium.
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