Sony cuts US PSP price to $129

As more games added to $9.99 budget range

Sony is cutting the price of the PSP in North America to $129.99, effective February 27.

The console will also receive another 13 new titles on the Greatest Hits Favourites range, priced at $9.99.

"The PSP system set the standard for complete portable entertainment and continues to be the premiere destination for gamers on-the-go," said Tim Bender, senior vice president of sales, SCEA.

"Nearly six years after its initial launch, demand for the PSP remains strong. This new price point enables us to broaden the PSP platform to a larger group of consumers who are looking for best-in-class handheld entertainment."

The PSP has sold more than 23 million units in the US and 67.8 million worldwide, according to Sony.

Earlier this year Sony announced a successor the PSP, the NGP, due around Christmas this year. The PlayStation branded phone, the Xperia Play, is due this April.

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Michael Armer Studying Games Development National Diploma Level 3, Lancaster and Morecambe College10 years ago
does anyone really play the PSP these days, there are a lot more good games on the iphone and that comes with a phone people do not want to carry 2 devices
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John Bye Lead Designer, Freejam10 years ago
I'm one of the few people who bought a PSPGo, and I play it most days on the train to and from work. I've got an Android phone too, but although I've found some fun games on there, it's got nothing with the depth, scope and production values of (for example) Valkyria Chronicles II or Patapon.

Not to mention that playing games on your mobile phone is a great way to drain the battery. If my PSP's battery runs flat (which takes a few hours of continuous play) I can live with that, but if my phone battery runs flat I'm stuffed, and most smartphones struggle to make it through a whole day without recharging anyway, even with relatively light use.

Mobile phones are catching up, and Sony's PlayStation suite for Android might blur the lines somewhat, but there's still plenty of room for a dedicated mobile gaming console IMO.
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