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Remode MD nominated for inaugural award

CWT everywoman in Technology Awards highlights Ella Romanos

Ella Romanos, MD of Plymouth studio Remode, has been nominated as one of three possible winners for an inaugural CWT everywoman in Technology Award.

The prize, jointly organised by everywoman and Connecting Women in Technology, aims to raise the profile of women working and prospering in the male-dominated technology industries. Romanos has been elected to the Innovator of the Year award, alongside Naomi Chayen - Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Imperial College London, and Leesa Fogarty Vice President Northern Europe &amp Asia Pacific, Augure UK.

"We are thrilled to uncover these finalists - inspirational women whose success comes from hard work in a male dominated sector," said Maxine Benson MBE, co-founder and director of everywoman.

"Technology is playing a role in all businesses today, including ecommerce, mobile technology, entertainment, health and beauty, where there are a range of diverse jobs. These role models prove that there is a place for the future generation of career women in the industry."

Remode's debut commercial title Mole Control recently released in Europe and was nominated for a Europrix media award shortly afterwards.

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Ben Board Developer Account Manager, Microsoft10 years ago
Props to you, Ms Romanos!
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