Three more dev tools announce NGP support

BlitzTech, Wwise, Morpheme middleware for Sony's new handheld

Three more dev tools have revealed support for Sony's upcoming Next Generation Portable.

UK developer Blitz has added NGP tools to its BlitzTech middleware as of today. Commented CTO Andrew Oliver, "During the time we've been working with NGP we've been consistently impressed by the potential of the device and are pleased to be able to add it to the growing list of platforms supported by BlitzTech. We look forward to taking it forward ourselves as well as with other developers."

Audiokinetic's Wwise sound engine is also expanding to cover NGP - the first portable platform it's yet supported. "Right from the start we were very impressed with the capabilities of the new system. We felt that offering Wwise would help developers create the best interactive experience possible while facilitating the development process on this new platform," said Simon Ashby, VP of Product Strategy.

Meanwhile, NaturalMotion's animation middleware Morpheme 3 also gets the NGP treatment as of today. "We are excited by the possibilities that SCE is opening up with NGP," said CEO Torsten Reil. "With Morpheme already powering numerous PlayStation 3 titles, it is amazing to now have the performance to run our technology at the same fidelity on a handheld device."

With Sony having announced a large number of planned third-party titles for the NGP, more dev tools are very likely to follow suit.

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Sean Ellis Designer, Crytek11 years ago
Develop is claiming Crytek's Cryengine will also be available on the platform.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 11 years ago
That would be pretty darn cool, seeing a portable Crysis pop up at some point down the road.

Of course, if the NGP overheats in your coat pocket and sets it aflame because you left it on and forgot to set the auto-off function, that's a real-life crisis (ba-dum-bum!)... Thank you, thank you... I'll be here all week. No cover, two drink minimum...
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