London Venture Partners unveils first investment

Finnish browser dev Supercell to receive undisclosed sum as it unveils new title Gunshine

London Venture Partners, the investment firm set up by industry heavyweights Phil Harrison, David Gardner, David Lau-kee and Paul Heydon, has revealed the first company it will be supporting as Finnish browser developer Supercell.

The company, which saw its latest project - Gunshine - enter closed beta today was founded by a group of industry veterans, many of whom worked together at Digital Chocolate previously.

"Great start-up Supercell just went beta today with their new game Gunshine," Tweeted Phil Harrison, who formerly held president roles at Sony Worldwide Studios and Atari. "Wishing them every success."

And Supercell CEO, Ilkka Paananen - formerly president of Digital Chocolate - told that the undisclosed sum would be used to "fuel the future growth of the company - basically getting even more talented people on board who will help us make an even better experience for our users."

London Venture Partners was established in 2010 as a vehicle to provide investment into disruptive new technology in the online, social, mobile and web game space.

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Nicholas Lovell Founder, Gamesbrief7 years ago
Congratulations to Phil, the Davids and Paul. Great to see that LVP has raised capital and is now investing.
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Jacob Riis Communication Director, Nordic Game Program7 years ago
I say congrats to Supercell as well... :-)
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Ola Holmdahl General Manager, Junebud AB7 years ago
Very exciting news! Best of luck to Supercell.
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Congrats both LVP and Supercell!
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Mazeltof Conceptual Imagineer 7 years ago
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