PlayStation 2 hits 150 million milestone

Sony platform reaches landmark figure in under 11 years

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that sales of its PlayStation 2 console have now passed the 150 million mark - a landmark number attained in ten years and 11 months since the original launch in Japan in March 2000.

In that time the platform has also accounted for over 1.52 billion units of software worldwide as of the end of December 2010 and helped popularise DVD usage in the home.

Among key software titles released were major-selling editions from the Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid franchises, with a total of 10,828 games created for the Sony console.

While the unit has since been surpassed technologically by the PlayStation 3 in most major markets, the PlayStation 2 is still popular in many of the developing games regions, such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and South America.

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James Prendergast Research Chemist 7 years ago
That's great! Though i wish they still sold them in my country. Last time i checked, Amazon France had them in stock but it's impossible to get them in certain other EU countries.
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Harley Gresham Game Design graduate seeking employment 7 years ago
The least powerful and least expensive console outselling the competition? Who'd of thought it? Apparently everyone.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Harley, the PS2 was cheaper than the Dreamcast and Gamecube?
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Hmm, now they should reconsider there statement that the consumer no longer valued the Ps2 when the Ps3 was capable of this feature. Well still priced at around over a hundred, this is a nice success.
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Private Industry 7 years ago
Well PS2 games don`t look that horrible bad compared to Wii games. :)

At launch, and quite some timer after it, the PS2 was far from cheap. The launch price was not that far away from the PS3 price, it was roughly 530-550 Euro after calculating the currency we had in Austria back at that time into euro. In the US it was actually only 299 so it`s actually not that bad anymore when comparing US prices with the once in Europe since new stuff that costs 299$ is here 299 Euro. That was the funny thing when they announced the PS3 price and all people in the US where raging over the price, while we paid almost the same already for the PS2 when it came out.

Yes now its the cheapest and oldest platform on the market that is still sold. But by the time the PS3 came out it was already above 100 million while competing with the Xbox and GameCube and kind of destroying the Dreamcast. But I think it wasn`t the cheapest system until they came up with the slim version and by that time the PS2 was already way ahead of the others.

All in all it`s well deserved, there are so many amazing games made for that system like the Team ICO games, Okami and so on and bringing DVD to the masses. Sure it didn`t all work out as planed, the HDD was useless except for a handful of games and there was not that much online gaming supported with the network adapter or the games just didn`t run very well and the all that setup for it was cumbersome.

Probably should unpack my PS2 for some celebration gaming, still need to finish Persona 4.

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Harley Gresham Game Design graduate seeking employment 7 years ago
@Jimmy. I seemed to recall it was cheaper than the gcube and the xbox. Maybe I'm wrong?
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Hans Wurst none 7 years ago
@Harley: Probably depending on where the consoles where sold. As Werner already said above, the PS2 was released in Europe in 2000 for around 500. Both the XBOX and the Game Cube were released in 2002, the XBOX for around 490 and the Game Cube for 199, making the GC the cheapest by far. If I recall correctly, at the time of the release of the Nintendo, the PS2 was still a lot more expensive...
But now, back to Tony Hawk 4^^

Edit: Just read, that the Dreamcast was released in Germany in 1999 for 250.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Hans Wurst on 15th February 2011 12:03pm

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Jack Molloy Studying BTEC Level 3 Art and Media In Games Developemt, Derby College7 years ago
Still got my PS2, Had it for about 8 years now and its still working, personally i think it is a quite good console and what started more people playing games, i remember when i brought mine that lots of people had one. In the two years ive had my Xbox its managed break twice. Well done Sony anyway..
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