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20 publishers, 50 games for Xperia Play launch

Big names for PlayStation phone's March release

Sony Ericsson has unveiled full details of its long-rumoured Xperia Play mobile device, previously known as the 'PlayStation Phone.'

The Android-based phone includes PlayStation controls and branding, and support for a number of selected PSone games.


The Xperia Play will come with 1996 platformer Crash Bandicoot pre-loaded

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday, Sony promised a March release date for the phone, though worldwide timings were not revealed.

The device itself is to be accompanied by some 50 games from 20 publishers at launch, with Sony Ericsson product manager Aaron Duke claiming that "We don't want you to have to play just touchscreen Angry Birds the entire time. We want you to play true console quality games."

Already confirmed are EA's Dead Space and FIFA, Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed from Assassin's Creed and, perhaps surprisingly, a Guitar Hero title from Activision.

Said Travis Boatman, VP of Worldwide Studios for EA Mobile, "EA collaborated closely with Sony Ericsson to bring exciting versions our best-selling consumer favourites such as The Sims 3 and FIFA 10 to the Xperia Play.

"The device's dedicated gaming keypad gives FIFA players what matters most in a footy game - ultimate ball control, quick player selection on the pitch, effortless passes and more. The Xperia Play's unique gamepad also delivers robust control in The Sims 3 bringing a whole new life simulation experience to fans of the franchise. We look forward to watching consumers interact with our great games in new ways through the Xperia Play."

The Xperia Play will also come pre-loaded with original PlayStation title Crash Bandicoot. More PSone games will be available from the PlayStation Store, elements of which will be available to more Android devices via Sony's impending PlayStation Suite software.

Commented Rikko Sakaguchi, EVP at Sony Ericsson, "Today is a very proud moment for Sony Ericsson as we bring something truly revolutionary to the market. Living up to our vision of Communication Entertainment, Xperia Play will forever change the way people think about smartphones and mobile gaming.

"The launch of Xperia Play could not have been possible without the close collaboration of both Google and Sony Computer Entertainment. The commitment of so many industry leading game publishers further demonstrates that Xperia Play will deliver on the long-held expectations from consumers the world over."

The 175g Xperia Play boasts a 1GHz ARM CPU, a 480 x 854 screen, the Android 2.3 OS and comes bundled with an 8GB microSD card.

It will initially be available in the US, via Verizon, but word of availability on a number of major UK carriers was leaked last week.

No price for the device has been confirmed as yet.

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14 - 16 April 2021

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Latest comments (9)

Terence Gage Freelance writer 10 years ago
I am interested in this; I'll be keen to see how well the hardware reviews and hopefully it will get some good games that strike a balance between accessibility and depth. Although I enjoy gaming on my Android phone, I have just recently felt that I'd like some deeper games, and with most releases I really can't abide the on-screen d-pad/buttons combo.

Plus, being able to play PS1 classics like FFVII, Alundra and Colin McRae Rally 2.0 at any time could just tempt me into getting one. Will keep an eye on this.
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Private Industry 10 years ago
I`m surprised that EA has already said they make some games for it, will still didn`t say yet to make games for the PSP2.

Let`s see how the game flow will be after launch and if you can just get your PSN PS1 games over or not and depending on that I might upgrade.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Richard Westmoreland Senior Game Designer, Codemasters Birmingham10 years ago
I'm very interested in this as a replacement for my Nexus One. I'm going to wait for hands on previews first though. I want to see how Sony Ericsson modify Android, their previous efforts haven't been that good...
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James Poole Managing Director, Sarcastic Hedgehog Ltd10 years ago
I guess I missed something a long time ago, I thought this was going to play PSP games.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.10 years ago
Almost of these big name titles are being outsourced to smaller firms. Good for those guys but lets see if they can keep the quality level up.

A recent video of titles in action wasn't too promising as frame rates were cringe worthy low for many games.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jim Webb on 14th February 2011 5:38pm

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Robert Turner Studying Games Programming, SAE Institute10 years ago
I don't understand why this exists. Surely anyone remotely interested in this will be MORE interested in an NGP? I look at it . . .I want it . . . but then think "I'l hold out for the NGP at the end of the year (depending on price)" I just feel like Sony are pushing themselves put of their own market. Yeh, its a phone. But I would rather have my piece'o'crap phone and an NGP than an xperia play.
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Private Industry 10 years ago
Let`s see what the price is, frankly the specs are kind of low. The display seems to be the same as in the X10 and same goes for the 1GHz scorpion CPU that is also in the 1 year old X10, the only real hardware upgrade is the GPU and obviously the hardware buttons, while the camera and internal memory are downgraded. With that hardware specs I don`t know what they really want to achieve with the device. And I don`t really like that generic look most phones have now, HTC, Samsung and that one look more or less the same with rounded shapes, it doesn`t really look elegant from a design point of view.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game10 years ago
@ robert, but if you buy an NGP, you will still need a phone, and if you are on a contract, this could be an option IF they make it more appealing than an iphone or other smartphones, so it's not improbable that some people will won't both. Other peole won't want to shell out 250-300 on an NGP, but will want this as it's included in their contract. So then the question becomes how does it compare with other gaming phones.
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James Steele Senior Software Engineer, Nintendo of Europe GmbH10 years ago
So judging from the specs, this is nothing more than a Xperia X10 with a slide out control pad? I'm not sure this is enough reason for me to ditch my current X10 which I've found to be a rather nice smart phone, despite cripplingly slow software updates.

I don't really want to pay 500 or so euros for another, slightly different model.
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