Raptr announces 6m users, $15m in funding

Gaming stats platform currently adding 750,000 new registrations per month

Gaming statistics platform Raptr has announced two milestones for its business, passing 6 million registered users and securing a funding round of $15 million.

The company, which claims to be the fastest-growing social networking platform aimed at gamers, tracks statistics from games across platforms, allowing users to share their progress and achievements with others.

According to a statement released today, the platform is adding 750,000 news users per month; part of the reason why three companies have agreed to series B funding.

"We're excited to be backed by DAG Ventures, Tenaya Capital, and Accel Partners as we continue to grow Raptr into the preeminent gaming community worldwide," said Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr. "Along with the user growth of our application, we're also now reaching over a million unique visitors a day on our website, and have expanded our presence into the mobile arena."

The latest round brings the total level of investment into the company up to $27 million, with the new cash being used to "expand Raptr's offerings with new features that build on its gaming community".

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Glen Elliott Partner/Head of Sales, European Game League10 years ago
For 6m users, the forums don't seem very busy, would of expected more threads.

Seems like an updated version of Xfire to me, good luck to them though.
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Krasimir Koichev Producer, Riftforge10 years ago
Reminds me of the summer of 2001, when online game "networks" got $11 million of VC money and their 22 year-old CEOs spent it in 1 year.

How they've grown!

Wikipedia: Dennis "Thresh" Fong (方鏞欽 born 1977) is an entrepreneur and retired celebrity pro gamer.
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Matt Hackett Game Developer, Lost Decade Games10 years ago
I'm a Senior Frontend Engineer with Raptr, thanks for posting this :-) I didn't know we were announcing this yet, hah, nice to see us in the news though!
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Steve Wood Computer Engineer 10 years ago
If some gamers start joining upstart services which are trying to copy Steam then it doesn't "track statistics from games across platforms, allowing users to share their progress and achievements with others." It does the exact opposite and prevents those gamers from sharing with the social network that was established over a decade ago and already has over 30 million registered users and at any given time there can be anywhere from a minimum of 1.5 million to a peak of 3 million REAL active players connected to Steam and playing games. Uber Fail by all parties involved.
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