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Australian games market dips 16%

Console hardware down 27%, but resurge to $2.5bn predicted by 2014

The Australian games market amassed $1.7 billion in sales during 2010, according to data released by Gfk Retail and Technology.

The independent market research group observed a 16 per cent year-on-year drop from 2009, but its $1.7 billion (Australian and US dollars are almost 1:1 at the current exchange rate) estimate not include online sales, subscriptions, DLC and mobile titles.

Console games specifically were down 13 per cent to 16.9 million units, while hardware dropped 27 per cent to 1.6 million units.

Interactive Games & Entertainment Association CEO Ron Curry was optimistic nonetheless. "Compared to the most other international territories, our local interactive entertainment market has done considerably well to weather the global economic crisis which affected a broad range of entertainment industries and what we are seeing now is a levelling or righting of the market."

Curry also observed that "Digital downloads, online subscriptions, micro and mobile games and alike are expanding consumer spend into areas that we are unable to measure in the traditional manner. "2011 will continue to see consumers investing in a wide range of interactive entertainment offerings which will further strengthen the ongoing success of the industry."

PriceWaterHouse Cooper predictions for the Australian games market see it bouncing back to $2.5 billion by 2014 - with around $1 billion of this comprising online and mobile games.

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By Christopher Dring

Latest comments (4)

Chris Davey Director, ANZ Publishing and Operations, Blizzard Entertainment10 years ago
No mention of the fact that PC Game sales we're up 7% on 2009? Considerable considering digital isn't part of the calculation....
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Private Industry 10 years ago
Would not be surprised if part of the dip is due to people importing games in order to safe money with the high prices in Australia for games and hardware.
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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 10 years ago

Exactly! Here in Australia we easily pay two third to double the price than our US and UK counterparts. This is just ridiculous as in the past exchange rate was an issue but now Australian dollar is on parity with US dollar and sometimes worth even more. However, just take 3DS as an example, the Aussie RRP is like $100 more than the Americans. Of course we will stop buying games in Australia but just import them. Especially nowadays we have much better web deals as compared to the past.
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Cristiano Garibaldi VP Asia Pacific, mobile streams10 years ago
Considering that Australian spend more on mobile/tablets related games it makes sense, I am not sure if is all about buying games overseas. Customers can have very similar experience playing games like Need for Speed Hot pursuit on their iPad for 10 dollars rather than the $100 for a PC/console experience. Since they dont account for mobile in this report it is possible...
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