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14 - 16 April 2021

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1.1m PlayStation 3s sold in Australia

PS3 games corner 27% of software market

Following news of Australia's annual games product sales, Sony has revealed lifetime Australian figures for its current hardware range.

The PlayStation 3 has sold 1.1 million units to date according to figures released to GameSpot, and last year claimed 26.5 per cent of the territory's hardware market.

Microsoft has thus far refused to share Xbox 360 figures (its last announcement in that regard was 700,000 consoles sold by August 2009), but claimed 2010 saw a 20 per cent boost over 2009 sales, and became the console's biggest year to date in Australia.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 2 boasts a total install base of 2.6 million in Australia, while the PSP manages 675,000.

In software, PS3 games claim 26.7 per cent of the market, with Sony claiming the PS3's attachment rate is 10 games per console.

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14 - 16 April 2021

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Does this include the 100k-200k hardware units that have been "given away" as part of TV or other packages? Overall sales seems around ballpark to me, but the 26% doesn't - unless its consoles only (not handhelds).
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