Applifier secures $2 million seed funding

David Gardner among those to invest in cross-promotional Facebook network

Applifier, a cross-promotional Facebook network boasting 55 million users, has announced that it has secured $2 million in seed funding from a group of investors.

That group includes the companies MHS Capital, PROfounders, Lifelife Ventures and Tekes, plus David Gardner, Jyri Engestrom and Lars Stenfeldt Hansen.

Applifier works by promoting to users other games within its network, and claims to have delivered "over 50 million free clicks" to-date for titles including the likes of Lucky Train, Crime City and Monster Galaxy.

"A key criteria for us in choosing our investors was that they are all entrepreneurs or entrepreneur backed," read a company statement. "We are priviledged to be supported by funds backed by eg Ali Partovi (investor in MHS Capital, founder of Link Exchange and iLike), Michael Birch (investor in PROfounders, founder of Bebo), Petteri Koponen (investor and partner at Lifeline Ventures, founder of First Hop and Jaiku) and entrepreneurs like Jyri Engeström (founder of Jaiku, PingPin).

"This investment is all about developing Applifier further to make our publishers more successful and help our end users find great games to enjoy."

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Jussi Laakkonen CEO, founder, Applifier8 years ago
Thanks for covering our funding announcement!

I'd encourage anybody running a browser game or social game to get in touch with us. We've delivered over 50 million free clicks to our publishers who run the gamut from indies to mid-size and large publishers.

[link url=
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Excellent idea, this. Should greatly benefit all independent app devs. Keep going and let me know how you managed to secure 2 million for this. :)
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Jason Kingsley CEO and Creative Director, Rebellion8 years ago

Congratulations. Applifier is working well for us on Evil Genius for facebook, thanks.
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