Wheelwright steps up as Monumental CEO

Board member and ex-Codies chief takes control at Moto GP studio

Monumental has appointed former Codemasters chief exec Nick Wheelwright as CEO of the company.

Wheelwright joined the board of Monumental last May. Founder Rik Alexander will now become chief creative and commercial officer.

"I'm genuinely thrilled to have Nick on board as CEO. His appointment has already brought a fresh energy to the company and I'm looking forward to building the company alongside him," commented Alexander.

As well as working on Moto GP 2, the development studio is also shopping browser engine Prime to other development partners. Last year the company made a number of lay-offs after a web project for a major brand fell through.

"The dedication of the staff throughout the company is formidable," added Wheelwright. "We have some exciting times ahead building on the potential of our Prime engine, and I look forward to making a real contribution to the success of the company.

"Monumental is in an extremely good position with its browser-based technology, which is gathering widespread acclaim from a number of different partners."

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Steve Best EU Community Manager, Heatwave Interactive, Inc.9 years ago
Shouldn't that be Moto GP 10/11?
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