Online-only PC title Magicka sells 30k on day-one

$10 Paradox title reaches number 1 on Steam

Paradox's fantasy title Magicka has sold 30,000 units within its first day of release. The PC game is currently only available for online purchase.

The $9.99 Swedish-made game reached number one in Steam's chart, though was also available on other download services.

Magicka has drawn some criticism for its bugginess, but developer Arrowhead is committed to a 24 hour rolling release schedule for patches.

Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt told GamaSutra that "We would've been happy if a couple of thousand people bought the game, or if 30,000 were the total sales for the whole period."

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Latest comments (3)

Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 7 years ago
Me and a friend were trying the demo, considering a purchase. Humour is weird but they obviously put a lot of thought into the gameplay.
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Ivan Garde Lead Designer, wooga GmbH7 years ago
Buggy indeed, but the dynamic magic system really make up for this game. A system that lets you be creative while exploding goblins deserve this kind of numbers
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Jesse Lord Studying Game Software Development, Westwood College7 years ago
I purchased it and am really enjoying the creativity. It is buggy and multiplayer is a pita right now. But, if they are dedicated and can get it fixed then they will be just fine.
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