Students invited to submit for Dare to be Digital

Abertay competition will see winners take home One to Watch BAFTA

Students have been invited to apply for the 2011 Dare to be Digital contest, which will take place in the summer at Abertay University in Dundee.

The competition will offer a guaranteed industry profile and recognition, but also the 2011 Videogame BAFTA One to Watch prize. More details are available at the competition's website, with the deadline for applications April 3.

"Like the hugely exciting games industry, Dare to be Digital has stepped up to meet the fast-moving changes in the industry," said project manager Elaine Russell.

"This year we're looking for exceptional creative game development talent, as well as strong commercial ideas about how the games developed at Abertay University can be taken to market after the competition.

"Games development is changing at a break-neck pace, with digital distribution channels making self-publishing a serious opportunity for very small teams. As well as the market for mobile phone gaming, there are also tablets, netbooks, handhelds and online distribution channels for PCs and consoles.

"I encourage all applicants to think both creatively and commercially. Dare to be Digital gives students a unique crash-course in team-working and access to personal advice from leading games developers. We're expecting a large number of applications once again."

The competition will once again be sponsored by Intel, with the company providing its Visual Adrenaline Software tools and hardware to students.

Successful applicants also receive mentoring from industry professionals and the opportunity to showcase theiur games at the Dare ProtoPlay festival in August.

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Daniel Vardy Studying HND IT, De Montfort University10 years ago
really wish i had the skills to do something like that
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Jordan Woodward Level Designer, Codemasters Birmingham10 years ago
Always wish I had done this while I was a student. Great way to get some instant recognition for skills.
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Daan Brinkhuis Game Designer 10 years ago
Way too bad i live too far away to participate :(
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Mike Reddy Course Tutor BSc Computer Game Development, University of South Wales10 years ago
Daan, there are international team allowed!
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