Day-1 eStore and browser confirmed for 3DS

Launch day firmware update to enable download games

Nintendo has confirmed that its eShop digital shop for 3DS will be available at launch, despite prior suggestions to the contrary.

However, accessing it will require a firmware update, planned for release on day one of the new console's availability.

Nintendo told Eurogamer that the download service, as well as the 3DS' web browser, would not be a part of the "initial firmware." No reason for this was given.

The eShop will host downloads of DSiWare games, plus an as-yet unspecific array of retro Nintendo titles from the GameBoy range.

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Latest comments (3)

Francisco Javier QA Engineering & Coordination, Saber Interactive Spain8 years ago
Good news indeed. It was crucial for the eShop performance to be on day one. Nintengo must keep promoting their digital stores. They have a lot to improve. A pity that the system doesn't support 3G.
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Martin Mathers Copywriter/Journalist 8 years ago
3G system = even more expensive console, surely?
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Russ Greeno Reviewer 8 years ago
Personally I think the eShop and Browser were held back because they were just not finished in time for the initial production run. Possibly due to increasing security or just sorting out the region lock issues.

As far as 3G goes, I don't really want to sign up for 25 a month of service to play my console and pay 30-40 for games.

Amazon can afford to give 3G away with the Kindle because in general, eBooks are small files. Digital Download games, Online Play and Video Download (all possible on the 3DS) would use lots of bandwidth.

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