Nintendo 3DS priced and dated

$249 in the US on March 27; March 25 for EU, no official price but GAME and HMV asking 230, 220

Nintendo has finally revealed the price point and exact release dates for its much-anticipated 3DS handheld console, and announced that 25 new games will go on sale at the same time.

The new hardware will weigh in at $249 in the US, and hit stores on March 27 there - with the UK and Europe seeing it two days earlier on March 25, although no official European price was detailed.

However, retail chain HMV is offering preorders of the device for £230, while has gone for a £220 price point.

GAME has since told that it plans on a £230 tag, with games costing £40.

The news was revealed during a preview press conference, which took place in Amsterdam and was hosted by UK TV personality Jonathan Ross.

The company also announced a host of other details on games and services, including two key partnerships in the UK - firstly with BT, which will enable the console to receive updates via its network of wifi hotspots.

And short form 3D sports content will also be available for download for 3DS owners, generated by Sky - with more specific details to follow in the coming months.

It was also announced that Aardman Animation would be creating a series of short films featuring Shaun the Sheep, especially for the 3DS.

Nintendo of Europe's director of marketing, Laurent Fischer, discussed the new Streetpass technology that will allow the 3DS to discover other consoles and share gaming data. Specifically, he outlined plans to allow users to add friends via a code that requires inputting just once.

Using this Streetpass technology, Capcom also announced that it would be possible to play Super Street Fight IV 3D Edition against anyone, anywhere and at any time across via a wifi connection.

Meanwhile, the company's commitment to third party developers for the 3DS - an area that's come under fire in the past, particularly from publishers that have struggled to compete with first party franchises - was underlined by Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata, who was joined on-stage by Ubisoft president and CEO Yves Guillemot to praise that support.

New games announced included PES 2011 3D was announced by Konami, while Tecmo Koei's Team Ninja took the wraps off of Dead or Alive Dimensions.

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Latest comments (15)

Antony Cain Lecturer, Teesside University11 years ago
Almost sounds too good to be true; Super Jeff Stelling on my DS?! SSFIV on the go too!
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Thomas Luecking11 years ago
Jesus... this PR event is terrible! Could not stand it anymore... preferred to read the live blogs...
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Alex Winton Website Administrator 11 years ago
A pretty shallow attempt to pass the buck of the incoming nasty price for the 3DS by placing the whole blame on retailers. I'm guessing it's at the high end of 250 (with an awful $= conversion going on), but I fear it could be even worse given that one source last week was claiming 300...
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Show all comments (15)
Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 11 years ago
Still no UK pricing? Guessing between 230-250 anyway.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Glen Elliott Partner/Head of Sales, European Game League11 years ago
"However, retail chain HMV is offering preorders of the device for 230"

Its sad to say, but thats if they are around by then, with the stock down again today, upto 10% (5% as I type this) due to "Suppliers can't get insurance to cover all the stock they have provided on credit". This will be in all the major papers tomorrow, which will hurt alot of pre-orders for them.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Martin Mathers Copywriter/Journalist 11 years ago
If HMV is listing its pre-order as 10 higher than elsewhere, it's no wonder they're going out of business.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Graham Simpson Tea boy, Collins Stewart11 years ago
230 is a hell of a lot of money. Are people really going to buy it in the droves they did the 100 DS? Would you really buy your kid one and let him/her take it to school and risk damage/theft?
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 11 years ago
Although the price is high, seems to me that Nintendo can afford to launch a product at a premium price point. They still have two DS models in the marketplace with no apparent desire to end of life them. The 3DS may quell some of the desire for those, but I reckon they'll continue to sell just like the PS2 has, allowing Nintendo to keep the 3DS price high, at least in the short term.

If the 3DS is something that wows people in the flesh, then the few that do sell will be enough to start generating word of mouth buzz from people that experience playing them. Seems like a smart play from Nintendo.

Now how awful was that press conference and where is the actual innovation in game design?

Nintendo, I am disappoint.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Private Industry 11 years ago
With that price point, region lock and 40 bucks for a handheld game this will get a no thank you on launch. Not willing in any kind of way to pay for a handheld game almost as much as for a console game. 3D is nice and all, but for me personally the hardware is not upgraded enough compared to the DS to warrant this price.

"Specifically, he outlined plans to allow users to add friends via a CODE that requires inputting just once."

Yeah more random numbers in order to add someone as a friend. Just because ICQ did that when it came out does not mean it was a great idea to do that.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
David Spender Lead Programmer 11 years ago
It will be all about the games. They are going to have to be stellar to push a $250 hardware device plus even more expensive games. No more of this cooking mama / brain age stuff - not gonna cut it.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 11 years ago
The (not so) funny thing is PEOPLE KEEP COMPARING IT TO A CELL PHONE in terms of why it's still using a stylus instead of a better touch screen, the usual iOS vs. 3DS nonsene and other dopey stuff that's a distraction away from what should be the focus. At the end of the day, bells, whistles, three cameras and 3D aside, It's a games system folks, and should have been a games system, period.

Nintendo is facing a big problem here between the folks who want them to move too quickly into the mobile phone model/dollar games/app territory and those who just want to drop in a proprietary cart and play a good game. EVERY function from EVERY new device doesn't need to collide in a portable gaming system that's going to be played primarily by kids or those who won't use those extras, dammit. I hate to say this, but all these annoying techie "influencers" may end up doing more harm than good should Nintendo finally realize it's pushing too much on people at the same time.

Playing games at home on the couch in 3D (or hell, watching a movie) is a completely different physical experience and a lot different on the eyes than taking your portable gaming on the road or wherever. With the live 3D effect 3DS offers, between the movement of the unit in your hands and your eyes trying to adjust to that movement, expect maybe twenty minutes or so, thirty tops before you're reaching for the aspirin or switching to 2D mode.

If you just bought a DSi or DSi XL within the last year or so and are on a budget, it'll be tricky to justify a purchase. What, you're supposed to turn around and d
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
What price did the DS/DS XL launch for in Europe/UK? The price should come in at $350AU, which is roughly what the DS launched for, and only $50 more than the DSi XL.

From a business POV, its about time they launched at a premium price. It will still easily sell out, and they would be throwing away money if they didn't do this.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College11 years ago
The Force is strong with this one!
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Chris Riccobono QA and Design Lead 11 years ago
Amazing! They're set to enjoy a revolution of gaming with this price point. It's high enough to make people think it's really special, and low enough for people to actually want to save up for.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Tony Johns11 years ago
I bet that the Australian price will be somewhere around the $300 mark.
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