US Epic Mickey sales around 1.3 million

Gran Turismo 5 believed to have sold 565,500 over the same period

Various sources have alluded to NPD sales figures which apparently indicate that Disney's Epic Mickey sold 1.3 million copies in the US in December 2010, whilst Gran Turismo 5 sold 565,500.

The numbers for Epic Mickey don't come directly from NPD, which doesn't tend to release specific figures, but the LA Times has cited "people familiar with the data". The Gran Turismo numbers, however, were apparently released to Industry Gamers by NPD itself.

Whilst Epic Mickey failed to make any impact on UK charts after mediocre reviews, the Wii exclusive made number 6 in NPD's North American chart for December 2010. Above it were two other Wii exclusive titles: Donkey Kong Country Returns at fifth, and Just Dance 2 in second.

Gran Turismo 5 failed to make the top ten with its December total of 565,500 - less than the 579,000 which were sold in North America during the game's first few days of release from 24-28 November.

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Mika Gorin manager 11 years ago
it turns out sequels are not always 'sure things'
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Private Industry 11 years ago
Or that Mickey Mouse sells in the US :)
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Shaun Farol Studying Computer Information Systems, California Polytechnic State University11 years ago
While I agree with the sentament not to release games till "they are ready" I can't help but feel GT5's constant delays had something to do with its lackluster sales.
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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 11 years ago
Epic Mickey is not that bad just that it has too much expectation to live up to. I've played it for several hours, and yes it didn't gave me what I expected (completely controllable environment) but it is still a pretty enjoyable game.

As for GT, it seems that usually the even number ones did better as they are the second installation that really knew how to use the new hardware? I could be wrong.
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Private Industry 11 years ago
Would like to play Epic Mickey on an HD console, since it`s Wii only bad luck.

Let`s put the sales a bit into focus here. GT5 was already released 24th of November and had 579k units sold in the first few days with additional 565k for December so that puts it at around 1.1 million. Epic Mickey was released on the last day of November so that probably counts all towards the December numbers with 1.3 million. So that gives life to date sales of 1.3 million against 1.1 with being 6 days older. So there is not that much difference only thing is that initial sales on release day where counted to December most likely for Epic Mickey while GT5 initial release sales where counted to November because it came out a few days earlier.
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Jake Stefanov Game Producer, XS Software JSCo11 years ago
Werner you did your homework, *like* post! Blizzard sure knows how to pick its employees! :)
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.11 years ago
Werner, NPD December 2010 covered Nov 28th to Jan 01. GT5 had 4 days of the November sales period before the December period began - which includes the whole of Epic Mickey sales. Looks like you pretty much nailed it. Oh, and get a Wii. ;)

Haven, GT3 far outsold GT4 and even the first GT title slightly outsold the second one.
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Gregory Hommel writer 11 years ago
Well GT5 launched with a wimper. People hadn't even finished scoffing at the last delay when it hit shelves. That is, if nothing else, not good marketing strategy.
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