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LOTRO revenues up 3x since free to play switch

Turbine's MMO continues to grow after dropping subs

MMO developer Turbine has revealed that its MMO Lord of the Rings Online is continuing to grow following its switch to the free to play model last year.

The firm stated last October, just weeks after the game's relaunch, that revenues had doubled. Now, director of communications Adam Mersky has claimed revenues have gone on to triple rather than decline.

Observed executive producer Kate Paiz to TenTonHammer, "We are super-pleased with how so many of our players have responded fantastically... the world feels alive and vibrant."

"This really echoes a lot of what we've seen throughout the entertainment industry in general. It's really about letting players make their choices about how they play."

LOTRO is one of a number of MMOs to ditch traditional subscription fees in recent years - others include Everquest II, Global Agenda and Turbine's own Dungeons and Dragons Online.

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Latest comments (4)

Colin.J.C. Garstang Intellectual artist 10 years ago
I am pleased the game has a future, its a good piece of work with a strong core player base.
I wish them all the best for the future.
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 10 years ago
Three times compared to what being the more interesting question.
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Bonnie Patterson Narrative Designer, Writer 10 years ago
When I first played the F2P LOTRO, I wasn't expecting much from the model, but I was very surprised. I was left with the feeling, on one hand, that I was in no way being forced to use the points store in order to progress - something that too often arises in F2P games - yet on the other hand, when I did use the store, the price to what-you-get-for-it ratio was impressive enough that I was left gibbering to friends in marketing about what a work of art it was and actually eager to give them my money again.

Without a doubt, Turbine knows what its LOTRO audience wants from the game - their personal story - and has chosen what it makes available in the store with an eye to that and an exquisite sense of value for what they offer.

Frankly, I've never been so impressed by the psychological aspects of a business model in my life.
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Ryan Locke Lecturer in Media Design, University of Abertay Dundee10 years ago
the spending mechanism is indeed pleasant.

"oh this is delightful, I almost feel like I should give you money!"

"well why not with this handy inexpensive store"

"sweet jesus"

Upon the cold sweat of realisation of how effective they made the whole senario, I swiftly uninstalled. They almost got me!
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