Angry Birds gets PC and PSN release

Intel lands Rovio hit for its AppUp download store

Rovio's mobile best-seller Angry Birds has been released on Intel's AppUp download service for PC.

AppUp, which could be seen as something of a rival to Apple's impending App Store for OSX, has been selling downloadable games and applications designed for lower-end PC hardware for several months. Angry Birds is arguably the store's first high-profile title.

The game currently sells for $4.99 on Intel's store, and is due to increase to $9.99 at a later date. This is a significantly higher price than the $0.99 iOS version, and than the free, ad-supported Android edition.

Angry Birds is also due for release on PSN today, for PS3 and PSP. XBLA and Wii versions are also planned.

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Latest comments (6)

Joe Bognar PR Lead, CCP Games8 years ago
WinPhone 7 as well please!!!! :)
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Mark Bridges Human 8 years ago
YEp i agree, WinPhone 7 version needed. :)
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Bryan Edge-Salois Freelance PC game & gear writer 8 years ago
I want an Angry Birds OS Phone...
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Philip Wilson Project Manager/QA 8 years ago
$4.99 with a later increase to $9.99? Ok now that is being a little greedy especially considering the simple nature of the game. I would love for Rovio to release how much cash they've actually made on the iOS and Android versions.

Oh and ads on the Android version? I see no ads on my version ;)
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Abraham Tatester Producer 8 years ago
A pity they didn't have Steam distribute the game instead of AppUp ... they apparently don't need the money, but I would imagine they'd get much more exposure to potential customers through Steam.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 8 years ago
This will work well on my Windows 7 laptop (touchscreen) but seeing as it's conveniently on my phone I'm happy with it.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Kingman Cheng on 5th January 2011 8:41pm

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