First Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC announced

Microsoft reveals timed exclusive downloadable content for Activision hit

The first downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops - just announced as the UK's Christmas number one title - will be released for the Xbox 360 on 1 February 2011 at a price of $15, according to Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb.

Speaking in his most recent podcast, Hryb described the download as a multiplayer map pack, with four normal multiplayer maps and an additional stage for the game's co-operative Zombies mode.

Two of the standard multiplayer maps will be based on locations from the single-player campaign: Hong Kong and the Arctic Circle. The other two will be all new locations; one based around the Berlin Wall and the other an ice hockey stadium - the latter apparently a reference to the ice hockey semi-final between the U.S. and USSR during the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Microsoft has an agreement lasting till 2012, that will see all downloadable content for Black Ops released first on Xbox 360. Traditionally the downloads for Call Of Duty have been limited purely to additional multiplayer map packs, but Activision has hinted that the extras for Black Ops may include more varied content.

Although the point has never been clarified it is assumed that the same downloadable content will also be released for the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game, likely around a month after the Xbox 360.

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Latest comments (8)

Daniel Vardy Studying HND IT, De Montfort University7 years ago
4 maps for $15?? no wonder people dont like DLC...
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David Wicks Editor / Co-Founder, Gamers Heaven7 years ago
it's not DLC people hate, it's activision and their shareholder pleasing greedy ways...
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Graham Simpson Tea boy, Collins Stewart7 years ago
£2.50 a map is hardly a stretch especially given the amount of time the average player will play on them is 50+ hours. So I'd say that's value for money. The great thing about DLC is you don't have to buy it. And to counter Daniels misguided statement the fact that ATVI has sold 20 millions map packs suggest that people DO like DLC.

As for David's uncommercial and niave comment there's not much one can say to that. Possibly expect to show some surprise coming from a self stated co-founder of 'Gamers Heaven'. Presumably that's a non for profit organisation and has no shareholders.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Graham Simpson on 20th December 2010 1:58pm

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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
As Graham said; if people want to 'hate' anyone for the frequency and price of Call of Duty DLC, hate the gamers who buy it, not Activision who are very successfully running a business. I mean, didn't the first map pack for MW2 break XBL records, and sell something ridiculous like 2 million copies in 24 hours?! So you can hardly blame Activision at all for wanting to strike while the iron's hot and get as much DLC out there for each iteration.
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Daniel Vardy Studying HND IT, De Montfort University7 years ago
I understand why they release DLC, it is a good way of making more money. The problem i see with the PC games industry is that there is a whole load of people out there willing to make maps for free and its those people who ultimately keep games alive. People get bored of games when they dont bring anything new to the table. The games which survive in this industry are the ones which are community supported. Although when it comes to games like COD you want your customers to get bored so you can shove the newest version in their faces to buy.
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@Belton: Unbelievable... I never thought I'd run through this in this website... but yes... You just made a typical Troll post ! Vade Retro !
More seriously, I would like to show my support to Simpson's post since I'm also fed up with people who see in Activision's business model a whole set up to "steal the poor little kiddos money". Get on with it !
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Private VIdeo Games 7 years ago
$15 seems fine to me, will be played for hours, valid business model, I don't see what the hate is for.......
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Miguel Gonzaga video producer/writer 7 years ago
$15... come on, guys. That's three cups of coffee here in the U.S. $15 for 4 MP maps and one zombie map seems fair. Please fix the MP bugs though. My friends and I will really appreciate it.
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