Gran Turismo 5 ships 5.5m units

Series tops 60 million sales worldwide

Sony and Polyphony's Gran Turismo 5 has shipped 5.5 million units worldwide since launch, according to the format holder.

The entire Gran Turismo series has now passed 60 million unit sales since it was first launched in 1997.

The game was the eighth most-popular game in the US during November, behind EA's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

The latest version of the game had suffered long delays, with Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi insistent that the game was perfect on release.

"Satisfying the loyal Gran Turismo followers is at the heart of all of our efforts, which is why it was such a difficult decision to delay the release of the game, and one which we did not take lightly," he said in November.

"I can only apologise to everyone for making you wait so long, and I hope that when you try out the wealth of driving experiences available in Gran Turismo 5, you will not be disappointed."

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Pete Thompson Editor 11 years ago
lol Just think how many they could have sold if it had not been rushed ;-)

Seriiously though, I think it could have sold more if it actually was like a "Real Driving Simulator" and included bodywork and mechanical damage from the get go amongst otherthings..

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Josef Brett Animator 11 years ago
Impressive figures. I bet it gave a good bump to the PS3 as a whole.
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Having a full garage and coaching a bunch of B drivers is a decrease in productivity all on its own
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Over 5.5 million units of Gran Turismo®5 sold worldwide 12 days after the release

from the press release. sold or shipped? in the last press release sony wrote move sold over 4,1 copies, but that was wrong.

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Private Industry 11 years ago
Pete it`s still better than other console racing games that are more in the simulation department.
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Pete Thompson Editor 11 years ago
Werner, tbh, GT5 isn't a bad game, but I've just given my copy of GT5 to my nephew as I found it quite boring, whereas some of the other games in the same genre I still pick up and play (and enjoy alot)
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Tamas Daubner Marketing Manager and KAM @ CENEGA Hungary 11 years ago
Pete definitely has a point here.
I am enjoying GT5 (at 82% in career with 7430 kilometers driven), but see on how many points the game has its flaws and shortcomings. The long delay certainly was not doing it any good and the other racing simulation games simply mastered the community, the online features, the leveling up scheme and the balancing of gameplay for this category.
Polyphony is also 'lagging behind' with graphical quality (huge ups and downs) and audio (I would say mediocre at best compared to other simulation games).
I wrote quite an extensive article about GT5, but most of you won't really enjoy the Hungarian language. :)

I don't want to contradict Werner, as opinions are really subjective, but only want to draw his attention that the more you spend time with GT5, the more you'll see under the hood and how the game that once was is now just trying desperately to follow others.
The driving model and physics are utterly brilliant as premium models, lighting, photo travel and some other very nice features (like sharing your cars and B-spec drivers online with your friends). Nevertheless lot of the areas are questionable, like the high level gameplay (over 20 in either modes is a non-stop grind with repeating events to have enough XP to level up, despite completing each and every event to gold - as there is not enough individual races to get XP from).

Even people at Sony admit that the game's quality is not on par with previous GT titles. There is lot of work to do to demonstrate to fans that GT is still the genre-defining simulation game it used to be up until GT4 and the online needs at least another 4-5 months to finally come to life (3 patches so far, but still no XP, credit or whatever gained from online races; no leaderboards; no events etc.).

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Tamas Daubner on 10th December 2010 3:26pm

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Cesar Castro Lead Programmer, Other Ocean Interactive11 years ago
It is pretty much unquestionable that GT5 has many flaws but still holds its position as the best simulation if you are behind the wheel of a premium car.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.11 years ago
Emanual, it's shipped. All 3 console manufacturers report units shipped when they say 'sold' because to them it is 'sold'. We are not their customers. Retailers, distributors, wholesalers, etc...they are their customers. So when they buy a unit, it's a sold unit to Sony, MS and Nintendo. When they report actual consumer sell through, they'll most likely cite a 3rd party retail sales tracking service such as NPD, Chart-Track/GfK, Media Create or Famitsu.
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Temi Web design 11 years ago
Good point Jimmy. Never really thought about it like that.

As far as GT5 goes, sim racing is not for everyone. That's pretty much how i see most objections to the game.
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Hi Jimmy, thanks for your answer!

@ Temi: You're right, i know guys who love that game and people who would rather play Need for Speed.
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Private Industry 11 years ago
Nobody is doubting that the game is flawless Tamas, but for me it was the opposite of Petes experience. I played Forza 2 and 3 for a couple of hours and just got so bored of it and didn`t had any fun playing them that I never played them again. For me there are only 2 other games that are more in the simulation department that I actually can play for long and enjoy and those are Colin McRae Rally (pre Dirt 2) and Live for Speed.

For me in the end it`s better than the only other curent gen console racing simulation series Forza It`s a racing game and the racing is brilliantly, sure the shadows or dodgy at times, for the online it would be better to actually get Credits when doing online races instead of nothing and I would have preferred to get all the damage features from level 0 onwards instead of having to unlock it by leveling up. At the moment it looks like PD will be supporting the game for a long time, so who knows what will be in store for GT5 in the future.
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Zan Toplisek11 years ago
3 Forzas released between GT4's release and GT5's release. Nuff said!
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Private Industry 11 years ago
What does that say? Team ICO makes 3 games in 10 years, the separate Rockstar studios need 5 years for one game. Making more games in a shorter time doesn`t have to be a good thing.
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Tamas Daubner Marketing Manager and KAM @ CENEGA Hungary 11 years ago
Werner: Forza3's 120 hours long campaign (1000 GS from this game and nearly 250 hours played with it off- and online) is a long haul, but you don't have to repeat races to get new events to open up (in GT5 after lvl 20 it is grinding: rince and repeat) and is certainly much more balanced than GT5 with all categories, very neat car lvl up systems etc. In GT5 there is usually no performance cap and car restriction, so races are not closely fought, but it is you against the clock and lapping backmarkers...

The online is where the HUGE gap is. Turn10 is just miles away from PD with their leaderboards, community features (weekly time trial competition, photo competitions, replay competition etc.), online marketplace (set-ups, paints and drives are changing hands).
Paint jobs are one of the key selling points for me on Forza, I just love to spend hours and hours on acquiring some very nice artworks for my rides and personalizing it to the rim afterwards! :)
I can only see PD catching up with Turn10 in 2-3 years time in this field, but with Forza4 recently announced and the function of virtually trying out each and every car is putting PD another step behind.

GT5 might have a better driving model, but for me the series have lost so much of its charm since GT4.
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Private Industry 11 years ago
Yeah great making paint jobs that`s so important for a racing game. Seriously it`s a racing game not a painting game and could never understand whats always with people saying "sure GT has the better physics, but the important thing is can`t make pain designs".

Most of the online tings the important things can be added with an update and that`s what I see as the future for GT5 that they will support it over a long time with constant updates and probably DLC without trying to sell you a new game with a few upgrades for another 60 bucks that could have been done via DLC or free content update.

Well lvl23 now plenty of races still that I didn`t do and still didn`t had any events to repeat to level further.

Forza 4, well what can I say after the great line regarding Kinect support "step through the TV screen and jump into the driver's seat", I guess it will work like JoyRide and automatically break and accelerate? :) I got sick of the arrogant Turn 10 comments at the E3 when Forza 3 was announced and I get already sick of the same comments again MS is making now for Forza 4.

Ehm "virtually trying out each and every car"?
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Tamas Daubner Marketing Manager and KAM @ CENEGA Hungary 11 years ago
Hi Werner, Forza is not about MS for me. :) It is about the same passion to racing and cars that PD have. I started to love racing games with GT2 and play with everything that's available. I participated to official GTR and GT Legends Hungarian championships etc.
I still am loving GT very much, but can't turn a blind eye on how many levels they failed to deliver to my expectations (and to lot of other people's indeed).

I'm not making paint jobs, I'm no good at creating art or virtual art. I am buying them and putting them on my car. Believe me, when you tune a ride or by a fine tuning for it and put a nice paint job on it you'll be much more satisfied with your car then sitting in a plain blue or green car.
At Forza2 I also laughed at this possibility, but man how I changed being able to play with Forza3 2 weeks before release...servers were already up, plenty people playing online, creating tunings, paint jobs. This game kept me for playing nearly 6 months with the best Hungarian HC players. I was leading 2 leaderboards (yep, world's fastest in a category) and my best overall weekly TT finish was 67 or something like that. This is what online is about: possibilities, constant new events etc.
I don't think PD can make this ground up quickly, they are million miles away.

Forza 4 Kinect: I don't care about it, this is also making me nervous. I admire their drive to make better games on a 2-year basis: this feature is only interesting in looking at the cars. Driving...nahh...please do forgot that Turn10. Also, please don't forget the 'self-esteem' of PD when they announced tons of features that was not making it into the final game.

GT5 leveling: I don't know how you are doing it, I have gold on 58 licences (2 silvers), all academy except the 2 Nordschleife full runs with SLS and all races and I'm grinding like hell since lvl 20. At lvl 26 where am I at, the only thing that pushes you in A-spec is 4-hours of Tsukuba. The licences are worthless this time around.
GT was not designed like this, leveling feels unwelcome, forced and unbalanced. B-spec is also about grinding, I am at lvl 22 now and pushing forward.
From what I read on lot of forums (GTplanet etc.), people ran into this problem and are also grinding.

I'm just 89 kms shy of 10.000 kms in GT5, will have this tonight with hopefully 4-hours of Tsukuba completed. ;)
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