Google's Chrome Web Store goes live with over 200 games

EA, Zynga, Bigpoint, Jagex, Digital Chocolate and more sign up for "new gaming platform"

Google has opened the Chrome Web Store, offering apps, software and extensions for the web browser - including over 200 games.

Currently the marketplace is only available to US users, but the store is already supported by numerous games companies, including Electronic Arts, Zynga, Digital Chocolate, Jagex, Spryfox, Bigpoint and Namco.

EA's chief operating officer John Schappert revealed a new version of popular casual title Poppit - to be bundled free with Chrome 9. "With Google's Web Toolkit, we can supercharge classics like Poppit into state-of-the-art HTML5 games for this new gaming platform," he said.

The store divides games into various categories - Arcade, RPS and Role-Playing, Sports, Virtual Worlds - and features titles such as FIFA Superstars, Knightfall: Death and Taxes, War of Legends, Plants Vs Zombies and Fancy Pants Adventure.

"The web has become an incredibly powerful platform for innovation, allowing users to do much more online than they ever imagined," offered Sundar Pichai, VP of product management for Google Chrome.

"The Chrome Web Store showcases the power of the open web and we're excited to have several gaming titles from EA as a part of it."

The Chrome Web Store is HTML-5 based and operates on top of the Chrome web browser. It was first announced in May this year.

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Matt Hackett Game Developer, Lost Decade Games9 years ago
Our first game, Onslaught! Arena, is actually featured in the Chrome Webstore right now! URL here:
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Antony Carter Senior Programmer, Epic Games9 years ago
i dont know what i was expecting, but for the few free games i tried it basically just links me to a game on someone elses website, its not really the PC store i was hoping for.

Ill play around with it more later though.

I've played around with it some more and there are genuinely apps on there that you can download for offline use, but there are also an astounding amount of apps which what your essentially getting is just a hyperlink to another website, fair enough there not charging for those but it seems tenuous to call it an app, so for me that 200 app figure for launch is a hell of a lot lower than that in my opinion.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Antony Carter on 9th December 2010 9:49am

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@Hackett: Why does your game (I've taken yours as an example since it's the case for many others) requires to access my personal data in order to run ? What are your going to do with it ? I didn't see any link leading to a confidential policy or something alike.
I'm sick tired of trying to control what data my Iphone is sending to some servers. But it turns out to be the case for Google app. Well, I'm out.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Aurélien Dussalve on 8th December 2010 5:06pm

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gi biz ;, 9 years ago
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