DeNA probed in anti-monopoly investigation

Japanese social firm accused of blocking developers from using rival services

Social and mobile giant DeNA is being investigated by Japan's Fair Trade Commission over anti-competitive practices.

According to the Japan Times DeNA has tried to stop developers from providing games and content to rival company Gree, and also blocked users of its Mobage-town network from accessing content developed for titles on Gree's alternative service.

The FTC is alleging these unfair practices have violated anti-monopoly laws in the region.

DeNA intends to launch a version of Mobage-town in the US and Europe with recent acquisition Ngmoco, with a roll-out expected next year. Mobage-town has over 20 million users in Japan.

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Hurple CEO, Zattikka Ltd.7 years ago
Notwithstanding whether this real or not, DeNA have made themselves a global joke for what they paid for ngmoco - given that the next offer was $250m LESS. Allegedly.
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