Streamline Studios opens Malaysian office

Company returns to content creation, focused on digital formats

Streamline Studios has opened a new development facility in Malaysia, resurrecting the content creation business it previously had based in the Netherlands.

The studio is headed by co-directors Stefan Baier and Mike Shurtleff, and will concentrate on the creation of digital content.

"The industry faces new market realities that demand more than just low-cost asset production. In Asia we're providing higher value content creation and dependable pipelines, with integration expertise that is necessary to compete in today's market," commented Baier.

The studio is currently working on a number of co-productions for multiple platforms and will work across iOS, casual, social and console platforms.

Streamline closed its business in Amsterdam late last year blaming a loss of contracts, one of its biggest clients going bust and the pressure of the strengthening Euro.

But in June this year, Streamline founders Alexander and Hector Fernandez bounced back with production management company Streamline Productions, and now its latest outfit in Kuala Lumpur.

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 9 years ago
Awesome, good luck to the new studio!

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Hasnul Samsudin Senior Manager, International Studio Management, Rhythm & Hues Studios9 years ago
AWesome news!
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Robert Abercrombie Assistant Producer, Vanguard Entertainment Group9 years ago
Sad to see them leave The Netherlands though. Nevertheless good luck!
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A S M Asaduzzaman Founder CEO, Spinoff Studio8 years ago
Streamline can do better in Bangladesh because of Good Communication and plenty of talent people. Bangladesh need technology transfer from Europe, collaboration production practice.
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