Stuart Black becomes creative director at City Interactive

Designer working on WWII shooter for Polish firm

Stuart Black, who was behind successful Xbox and PS2 shooter Black, has been hired by City Interactive as the creative director of its new London studio.

He'll be in charge of development of a new WWII FPS at the studio, which recently licensed Crytek's CryEngine 3 for two games due for release over the next two years.

Black described his new project as "an exciting new story-driven WWII shooter that will emphasise high adventure in a genre that's become bogged down in reverence and historical accuracy," Gamasutra reports.

City Interactive saw retail success with Sniper: Ghost Warrior earlier this year, despite something of a critical mauling.

Stuart Black was previously employed at Codemasters, as creative director of Bodycount, until October this year when he left amid rumours of a falling out among staff.

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Great to see some positive news and some investment in the UK! Congratulations Stuart and well done City for backing the UK games industry.

It's also great to know that Aardvark Swift helped facilitate this hire. It shows the value that experienced, specialist recruiters can add to the UK games industry. This keeps a very talented, experienced guy in the UK and has allowed a new UK studio to launch. Hopefully this won't be the last hire at this new studio either....More of the same please!
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Philip Wilson Project Manager/QA 7 years ago
Stuart might be a good guy but I hope he doesn't get shocked when he sees that the final product is buggy mess that no real gamer in their right mind would buy or play if they had a choice.

How they get funding and make money is beyond me :-/
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