Kotick not interested in social, mobile games

Activision boss sees little room for money making

Bobby Kotick has said that he doesn't see many opportunities for Activision in social and mobile gaming, instead believing that the way forward is to expand the company's existing franchises in traditional spaces.

Speaking to the Reuters Global Media Summit yesterday, the Activision CEO also took a swipe at Apple's App Store, by claiming that it presented little scope for "dedicated games," although he did indicate that the iPad might hold some interest in the future.

"The place where you have the opportunities for growth is within the communities of franchises we control," said Kotick. "We don't view the App Store as a really big opportunity for dedicated games."

While he acknowledged that social games were popular, Kotick made clear that Activision had no plans to try and expand its audience in that direction, telling the summit that: "Right now we don't see an opportunity for us to participate in that market."

During his speech, Kotick also expressed his feelings about the potential audience migration from Blizzard's World of Warcraft to forthcoming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic.

"I can't say that we're hugely concerned about that... the audience for World of Warcraft is a pretty committed group of players."

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Finlay Thewlis Studying Game Design & Production Management, University of Abertay Dundee9 years ago
Kotick not interested in games*

Fixed it for you ;)
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Sandy Lobban Founder, Noise Me Up9 years ago
wise decision. once the immediate thrill is over with social networking we will then see it tailing off. Facebook activity is tailing off already in my opinion. You only need to look at the general activity of your friends list. People will eventually want to escape from the world around them, facebook included, for entertainment.
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Krasimir Koichev Producer, Riftforge9 years ago
Good! More room of us, working on online games!
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Lewis Brown Snr Sourcer/Recruiter, Electronic Arts9 years ago
Facebook may or may not be failing away but its clear the Social gaming is hear to stay it just may be that another format appears....

At some point people will get bored of the same IP's rejigged and it seems that diversification should be an important drive for any business....

I think for him to dismiss the Star wars MMO so readily is either a foolish remark or a cover for the reality that if it delivers a game like people hope and anything like KOTOR it could be a real game changer...

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Christopher McCraken CEO/Production Director, Double Cluepon Software9 years ago
This is not any kind of a stunning revelation coming from Kotick. He's not interested in games, or innovating..or bringing anything new to the table. He's interested in innovation via acquisition. This makes him a fool because this is a dead end business model. Ask Microsoft how their purchase portfolio in the last 10 years is helping them compete with Google these days. Kotick and Activision will encounter this eventually as well.

When you blindly buy cash cows, without understanding what lies beneath you are only ever going to make the short term gain. The big houses need to learn Innovation requires two things: passion, and clever. These are two traits that are often beaten down in the ivory towers of corporate America. They are shoved aside in favor of focus groups and balance sheets, and marketing budgets.

Someone wake me up when Kotick says something actually interesting or relevant to game development or innovation. =)
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Eliot Lloyd Studying Computer Games Design and Production, Northumbria University9 years ago
This is the first time I have felt anything other than malice for Activision. Bobby Kotick is now one peg higher on my ladder of respect (but it's still fairly rockbottom).
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