Blitz launches new indie portal

"We're aiming to build the online destination for indie games"

Blitz Game Studios has revealed its latest project, independent game portal IndieCity.

The site aims to be "the online destination for everything to do with indie games. We want to bring together developers, gamers and press to make IndieCity the one stop shop to find, download, talk about and buy these games that are being made by so many talented people.

"We firmly believe that the indie gaming world could be far better served, as opposed to being generally hidden behind AAA attention-grabbing banners on the majority of the gaming platforms out there."

Exact content and business model is yet to be specified, but the service hopes to go into private beta soon.

Interested developers and consumers can sign up for potential involvement here, while a development blog is available here.

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Luke Child11 years ago
One to keep an eye on although it will be hard to compete with dug in systems like Indiedb.
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I think that Indie City is a fantastic opportunity for Indie devs like us. We're already part of the 1UP Initiative and I think that this is the natural progression for Blitz; a larger portal but driven by the Indie's themselves. I can't wait for it to take off!
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 11 years ago
I think this is fantastic. :)

Hope this will go well!
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Joss Stone11 years ago
I'm hoping this is a success, but I cant help but wonder if they can support it properly as Blitz only seem to have released a couple of small titles this year and 200+ staff has to be a huge burn rate - fingers crossed though that its a winner.
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