Yamauchi unsure if GT6 will be on PS3 - or beyond

Polyphony boss hails launch of driving sim but insists it's "only the beginning" of new era

The head of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi - whose studio has just released the long-awaited driving simulator Grand Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3 - has told Eurogamer that while work on the franchise would continue, he had no idea at this point if any subsequent title would be released on the same console, or beyond.

"Ten years ago it was easier to predict what would happen three years in future," he said in an interview at the official GT5 launch event in Madrid. "Nowadays no-one knows what happens in the future. In three years, we don't know what will happen."

Gran Turismo 5

GT5 has been in development for five years, and sets new visual standards for driving games.

One thing he could confirm, however, was that work would continue on the newly-released game, with specific work planned for the online components of the game.

"Online updates are planned of course for leaderboard and matchmaking - [they're] all planned in the process of evolution," he said, after pledging earlier in the evening that the Polyphony team would be "upgrading every week, every month to improve the game."

Yamauchi described the game as a "pet" that his team had "nourished and looked after," paying special tribute to fans, "all of whom have helped and supported us to develop Gran Turismo".

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Latest comments (25)

Josef Brett Animator 8 years ago
Any news on GT5 sales figures? The Metascore isn't quite what I expected it to be for a game that has been in development for 6 years.

Still going to have a proper play and decide for myself though.
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Private Industry 8 years ago
I take DLC instead of GT6 on the PS3 :)

Frankly all the launch day reviews are bogus no matter if they are 10/10 or 7/10, they had the review build earliest last weekend and the patch to unlock online was released on Tuesday and with current server issues that makes it hard to play online. I have my doubts on how much time the people spend with playing the full game some things like damage increase with the level the player is. The only bigger magazine I have seen so far who does actually admit they didn`t had enough time is Gamespot that`s why they didn`t had the review on launch day. It`s not a game you play in a week and see everything.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 8 years ago
I agree with Werner's comments; it seems that a lot of publications must have rushed through the game in order to have a review out for launch day, which is a bit of a shame really when something has this much content.

I wouldn't put a minimum number of hours I'd expect a reviewer to play, but I think at least four or five days of consistent play would be a fair amount of time before anything is written.
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Show all comments (25)
I bought it and spend some time on it, and the more you play it the more you'll like it.

I hear a lot of people complaining about the menu's, the bland jazz music in the menu's, the outdated enviroments, the "standard" cars aren't up to par with the premium etc...
but it's just looking for something, the menu's are your opinion (I have no problem with it), you can put on your own music, the enviroments look fine when you're racing and the "standard" cars still look better then most racing games out there today.
People put the bar way too high and try to nitpick on anything they can.

Honestly I think people writing anything that I mentioned above (for example the IGN 8.5 score and review) just haven't played it long enough or put a reviewer on it with no intrest in that sort of game.

It's just your good old Gran Turismo, the handeling is nice, the sound of the engine is well made, the passion and love of cars just drips of the package.
It's supposed to be the real driving simulation, not an arcade feel (like Hot Pursuit, which is a very good game btw).

But as Werner said it is just impossible to review this game already even today, its just too early and you need to spend more time to learn, earn and appreciate what GT5 has to offer you.

I personally am not a big racing fan but I enjoy GT and Forza immensly, this iteration is no diffrent.

One minus point tho: Yesterday when I tried to play I had no cursor in the main menu, so couldn't select anything, thought it was my PS3 locking up or some bug in the game, but I found out what it was.
As Werner also mentioned the online portion is very slow atm and it slows your game down SERIOUSLY, I logged out of PSN and boom insta cursor and insta loading times.

So anyone having the same problem as I had just log out of PSN for now.

Have fun racing the tracks.

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Adam Campbell Studying Games Technology, City University London8 years ago
I agree, the reviews seem somewhat bogus.

Anyway, I think a GT6 on PS3 is a pipe dream, and not necessarily one anyone should want to come true. A real successor would take a very long time and should be on a new platform, even if this one does have some headroom.
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Aleksi Ranta Category Management Project Manager 8 years ago
Had a stab at it last night. And well, call me biased, but if you have more than one console at home and if you have played some "other" racing simulators over the past 6 years, GT5 just seemed like more of the same really. But if you are a single console owner its understandable that this seems like mothers milk.

Installation put me off, long load times put me off. Eyecandy it certainly is. Content it surely has.
But thats it.
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Private Industry 8 years ago
That depends on preferences played "other" racing simulators especially the third one and got bored after 2 hours and never played it again. GT5 has the most important thing and that`s driving physics I couldn`t care less if I can put stickers on my car or not that doesn`t make the car any better.
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Hakki Sahinkaya8 years ago
I am 0% interested in racing, tried Forza and some sims on PC, and all I can say is GT5 is the only one that kept my attention. The love for the cars drips through as someone above said and I can't imagine how much car lovers must love this game.
Played it non-stop for 7 hours on launch day.

Yes it's odd to play a game in a genre you don't like but as long as the game is made this well, I can't help it. It was the same with Skate 2, I don't care about skating at all but the game was so well made I played that game for months.

I don't mean to repeat what sounds like a conspiracy theory but a few reviews I read seem WAY too nitpicky and even the things they nitpick on aren't accurate.
The feeling of "they have it in for Sony" really comes through the pages as you read one non-sense complaint after another.

Once again, reviewers have proved how much of a clown they are in my opinion.
I remember a poll released some time ago saying reviews were close to last when it came to making a decision on what game to buy and all I can say it "good".

As for GT6, I don't see it.
I think now with the current way of consoles GT5 can easily be supported until PS4 and perhaps further via DLC.
But the team has to decide "when do we stop the DLCs and start GT6?" Maybe never, who knows.
If Yamauchi can't make predictions, I'm not going to try any further.
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Edward Buffery Head of LQA (UK), Testronic8 years ago
I haven't played this yet but have been looking forward to it for years. I'm heartened to see from all the comments here that the game has the depth and love that we hoped it would :)
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RJ Festejo Creative Director, Microsoft8 years ago
I haven't played this - though having played most of the GT series, I'm guessing that there's not much to write home about - nothing's really changed. I'm just not interested in 'pure driving' games anymore. Give me the arcade racer, any day. Blur was great... and, well, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is truly jaw-dropping.

GT has been kind of dead for a while - for me, at least. Having played Forza on my 360 it was clear that driving games had moved on. Forza had it all. Great cars. Damage! Great online component.

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Josef Brett Animator 8 years ago
I'll be interested to see what Edge give it. They haven't made an announcement on thier website yet (like they did with Halo: Reach), but it seems that they are giving it a fair amount of play time before publishing a review.

As many other people have said, it only seems fair given the size of the game.

I agree, to a certain extent that early reviews of some games may be 'bogus' or false. If that is widely acknoledged, then why is it tollerated? Should we stand for such treatment?

Just a question!
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Hakki Sahinkaya8 years ago
Hey Ron,

"Forza had it all. Great cars. Damage! Great online component."

GT5 has over 1000 of those great cars. As opposed to 400 or so I believe of Forza 3.
A dynamic damage system. As opposed to 'fixed' system of Forza.
And online track days with 32 players (16 racers).

Does Forza 3 have weather effects? Night and day? Kart racing? (which is fantastic by the way!).

So I don't see how a game that does more and better is "dead".
This is exactly what I mean by non-sense criticism surrounding this game.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Hakki Sahinkaya on 25th November 2010 6:22pm

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago

If I recall, it took me nearly three weeks to write a full review of Gran Turismo 4 simply because I hate rushing through any game that huge just to be first on the block to post a score. Hell, I'm still playing New Vegas (bugs and all) - I'm about near the end, I think.

Anyway, this rushed reviews process is purely insane, period and needs to be addressed at some point. The unfunny thing is, some of the more picky complaints I'm reading in reviews are shit stupid and more suited to some of the idiots on GameFaqs fire-crapping all over games they don't have the consoles to play them on.

The game will obviously be patched in terms of the online mess as time goes on (much like too many games this generation - I hate this and will refuse to play online until it's fixed, but this patching nonsense is here to stay), the menu music they're bitching about is MENU music, for pete's sake (grow up, game reviewers... or at LEAST learn to appreciate MORE types of music). Load times are terrible (which I'm not going to even try to defend), but even NFSMW gets on my nerves when I need to restart a race or want to jump to a different event... I just enjoy the short break before the next race, have a sip of whatever and move on.

On, and Ron... please PLAY a game before you trash it. I also love the Forza quite a bit, but it's kind of hard to stack the last game up against GT5 in terms of what it does differently.
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After loving GT3, and being super hyped for GT4 ... doubt I have ever been so disappointed in a game. From the sounds of it, GT5 is more of the same, again. Then again, its *just* a racing sim - how different can you make it?
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Private Industry 8 years ago
So far spotting "phony" reviews was kind of hard, I would not notice if most magazines didn`t bitch around last week that they still didn`t have a review build when people started to get a retail copy in some countries. In 90% of the cases the games can be finished now in maximum of 2-3 days with the short games when you play 7 hours a day, but in cases like GT5 where the damage is unlocked at lvl20 and after 2 days of playing a lot reached only lvl12 now 4-5 days does not cut it. Not expecting anyone to see everything of the game before making a review, but most of it and that would mean to finish at least 60-70% of the singleplayer events. Not saying it`s only the fault of the magazines who quickly want/need to have the review online on launch day, but also to some extend Sony for not sending the review copies out earlier, but I mean one french games site had a review online before the launch and only a few hours after the patch went live to unlock all the online functions.

Was working myself for several years for a online magazine, but I would never have send a review out when I only played a small part of the game. Obviously there is pressure to get it out on launch day or even before, but in those cases you either give in and deliver a review that would be more like preview or hands on report or you say it`s done when it`s done and do it proper. Needles to say usually was not on time with my reviews. ^^

I was just reading the IGN review now since I didn`t care at all to much about the reviews so far and I find some of the complaints kind if interesting. They hate the menu, while I actually like it especially the GT Life menu since it gives every single option a place and a good way to move trough the things with the PC like Windows and Drop Down menus. That`s a lot better compared to Klick Icon X and go to another screen. Music well, it can be turned off and a custom soundtrack can be made if desired. Damage I played around now about driving a car into walls (since I never drive into things unless on purpose I never actually see any kind of damage in any racing game) and the damage they describe is what I have now with lvl12 that`s not what is supposed to be unlocked with lvl20 when more visual and mechanical damage comes into play. As for the AI, well the AI overtakes me, they overtake each other, they avoid driving into me and they block me not sure what else they should do. The AI in Prologue was stupid as hell, if you where in front on a long straight and they where faster, just stay on the racing line and they will drive into you and push you, but that is not the case. Didn`t had any AI driver drive into my car, when I break to early they avoid you, probably if they are half a meter behind you and you break fully they drive into you, but no human player would avoid that either.

The loading times can be annoying, mainly in the licensing tests when the test mostly only takes 20-30 seconds to complete. As for the standard cars, yeah they don`t look that good if you pause the game and go into photo mode and look close at them. During a race not really much difference except less transparent windows and everybody who has time during racing to spot differences between standard and premium cars is not really racing. And yes as for now the online is pretty much broken, not sure if that is a actual game problem or sever issues. Could be just the later one that there are server problems, such things can never really be tested until a game is out.

There was no mentioning how fuel consumption works or tire degradation in longer events or the weather system. No comments regarding how the head tracking works, nothing regarding 3D and not even a single mention of the great data logger that gives you plenty of telemetry data. Those and some other things where the things I was playing around with first to see how they are (except 3D since I don`t have a 3D TV). So all in all it appears what they played was the basic stuff without digging deep into what the game has to offer.
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Chris Wise Game Developer / Entrepreneur 8 years ago
From the few hours I spent playing it yesterday I couldn't be happier... it's everything I expected plus a whole lot more, the complete racing package.
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Peter Bond Studying Art & Design, University of Bedfordshire8 years ago
Give Polyphony a break! The game's out now and people just start complaining, if you spent enough time playing the game and stopped hating the game then you might start to appreciate how amazing the game really is, it might have taken 5years to make, but it wasn't without a good reason - to make the best and most in-depth racing/driving/simulation game ever!... :)

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Lee Hansiel Lim Game Developer - Unity3D, Anino PlayLab8 years ago
*cough* going back to the topic ...

If Gran Turismo 5 is any indication of the scale and grandeur that the 6th iteration could potentially be.. Then by all means Polyphony, take your time. I wouldn't mind waiting another 5 or so years. It would eventually take me that much time to 'complete' Gran Turismo 5 anyway (got the Collector's Edition yesterday, huzah!)

Regarding the other comments made on this article, your personal rating really does depend on 'why' you bought the game and 'why' you want to play it. Games, in general, are purely for entertainment and when it comes to the underlying purpose on why people play games I must say, it all boils down to "I want to have fun/experience the hype", etc.

GT5, however, was not created with just the 'general' purpose in mind. This, I believe, is what makes for an inconsistent form of feedback across the global gaming community. You have millions of people with different purposes pick up the game and give it a whirl.

Not everyone will like it. Some people play games to be awed by the graphics. Some for the sound. And, yet, others like the sheer amount of details put into even the smallest of aspects of a game. Some might even play just to pass time (enter the casual games).

I picked up Gran Turismo not to ogle at the fugly pixelated trees or the bland design on some of the tracks. And the cardboard audience in the distance? I wouldn't have cared if they were all made of 2 triangles.

I play Gran Turismo because I love how it gives me that authentic feeling of driving and racing with machines that I know were replicated by Polyphony down to the last gear that rotates when you shift from 5th to 4th, then to 3rd gear when entering a 45 degree hard turn on any track.

But that's just me, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of other people don't share the same purpose as I have when playing this game. Famous celebrity-like reviewers of famous review sites included. I do agree on what others have stated regarding the lack of ample time in playing the game before posting a review. It makes their articles half-assed, thus, making the game look half-assed as well.
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Savva Kurinov8 years ago
I did'n t play GT 5 yet.But i know for sure that this game will bloooooow my mind away.They've got the reason to delay it for so long.1030 cars.That's just amazing.All of these cars are polished .That's all about it.Let's turn to review's.Gran Turismo is not the game for everyone like every driving simulator.Those reveiwer's just don't have enouth interest in simulator's.So we've got 8,5 for the best driving simulator ever made.Soon we will get the mark from Gametrailers .And ,as i think we will see the real mark of this game because i think they've got the better reviewers.
Let's turn to GT6.
I think they just have no need for it for the moment.Gran Turismo 5 is a resoursefull material for DLC's.So now i will go and buy signature edition of this awesome game.
Gran Turismo forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Pete Thompson Editor 8 years ago
I've played and enjoyed all the previous GT titles and I can't help but feel dissapointed in GT5, The cars sounds are awful, and at first reminded me of an old game i played in the 1990's on PC, the wheels on nearly all cars look flat and 2D'ish, The menu's are, Well awful, the music is the worst elevator music i've ever heard and clearly they should have included the soundtrack on the list of items reused from GT4, Even GT3's soundtrack was better than GT5's, forcing Classical or Jazz music on the gaming masses is just wrong, A few prodigy, chemical brothers, Metallica or kasabian tracks would have added so much more enjoyability to the boreddom of listening to either the flat engine sounds or classical / jazz!!

We're taking our time to review GT5 as we feel it needs a fair bit of work to get to know the game inside and out, and we want to put give it a fair unbiased review, so since the release date was announced as the 24th Novemebr none of our reviewers have been anywhere near a driving game, and we only got our retail copies of GT5 on Monday..

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Private Industry 8 years ago
Costume soundtrack :)

Classic and Jazz music in GT games is nothing new wonder why people are surprised by that, plus those songs are by default set for Menu music and deactivated in races. The default race music are Alternative, Dance & Electronic and Rock. :)
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RJ Festejo Creative Director, Microsoft8 years ago
@ Hakki

Chill. It's only my opinion and will not stop it from selling millions. More is not always better, btw.

I was simply stating that, to me, after playing other racing games on other systems... the GT series just hasn't changed enough for me to warrant buying it. And in that sense, it's kind of 'dead to me'. Maybe 6 will change my mind ;)

Edited 1 times. Last edit by RJ Festejo on 26th November 2010 4:51pm

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Chris Wise Game Developer / Entrepreneur 8 years ago
@ Pete

The GT series right from the first installment has had it's share of shortcomings, AI and car sounds are two that come to mind, but overall the level of polish that goes into a typical GT game leaves it's competitors in the dust... and I don't believe you'll find an honest racing game dev out there who doesn't agree with that.

Regarding the menu music, I personally like it... not that I'm really 'into' that type of music but it really does help create a relaxed and sophisticated mood that I doubt you'll get with any other type of music... I just goes with the style of game IMO.

When doing your review I urge you to look at some of the small changes that might seem irrelevant at first, but when you really explore the possibilities, some of those small additions add a whole new level of depth. Here's an example - the go-karts. A fun category but when limited to the short, flat kart tracks only, the novelty will wear off before too long. But take a whole field of karts to other circuits (like Monaco for instance) and I guarantee you're in for some serious fun. :)
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Private Industry 8 years ago
Lol yeah karts on anything except the kart tracks is ridiculous especially online the bumpier the road the more fun :D

It has it flaws and is not perfect by any means we can all agree on that. Would I like more premium cars? Of course. Are some of the surroundings not perfectly modeled? Yes. Are the shadows sometimes? Yes. Would I like songs from previous GT games in the default song list? Sure. At the end for me with this series there is always some kind of charm behind it like all the descriptions for the cars or some of the special events with the intro movies. It just gives me that sense it`s not one of those "we have to throw another game out" games and instead it feels to me like a "we want to do another game". I love AC and really wanted to continue to play Brotherhood, but I was telling myself all the time one more race and after that AC Brotherhood and that did not happen because I was always going for one more race. For me the game delivered on the promises of being a new GT game and one of the reasons is, for me at least, because it was not completely changed and tried to be something else. Like MGS4 it shares the similarities that it is a game for the fans that has a certain consistency between the different games in the series and for some reason some people see this as a negative point because it`s not mainstream or because it`s not new and old.

And Jazz music is one of the reasons why I still have fond memories of Ridge Racer Type 4, I actually like Japanese Smooth Jazz :)

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The subtle touches in GT6 are really refined.

1/ History of Car development
2/ GT TV - nice behind the scenes reels of historical and car racing scenes
3/ Special series (man some of the tracks are real fun, and the dedication towards recreating them shows the fun element (in addition to being challenging. Check out the basic top gear track, its hard from the get go!)
4/ B spec (the AI isnt great but the chance to develop and manage drivers is great backseat fun, and the track and live data of each car helps you understand the subtleties of tyre management)
5/ in the main GT menu, the beautiful phasing of various exotic backdrops and demo mode is a great flourish.
6/ Travel mode , and the many subtleties of photography afford for some interesting virtual tourism. Various exposure and filter modes, saved out afford for some nice wallpaper and visual aesthetic studies.
7/Music can be toggled towards jazz, contemporary, alternative, etc. There are whole reams of menus/sub menus to dive into to tweak to your hearts content. Which other car simulator affords one the ability to totaly modify/tune up/down the virtual car collection of your choice.

All in all there is much to admire, enjoy and praise. Sure it isnt perfect, and therein lies its quirky charm and perfectly suited towards the general audience or obsessive car collecting petrolhead and enthusiast..
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