15000 developers, 3000 apps for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft positive about mobile OS despite apparent slow sales

Microsoft is reporting an 80 per cent rise in the number of registered developers for its windows Phone 7 since September.

With the total number of prospective app and game-makers for the iPhone rival now topping 15,000, the company is convinced WP7 can be a success.

"We're heading into one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year and we're on pace to offer roughly 3,000 apps and games by the end of this week," claimed Microsoft's senior director for Mobile Platform Services Product Management Todd Brix.

"Clearly we're just getting warmed up. The developer community is placing some big bets with Windows Phone this holiday."

However, figures have suggested that Microsoft's new mobile OS (currently split between nine different smartphone models) sold just 40,000 on its US launch day, despite a $100 million marketing campaign.

By contrast, Apple claims to have sold 270,000 iOS devices per day, while Google claims to enjoy 200,000 daily Android sales.

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Latest comments (9)

Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College8 years ago
Seriously..."Apple is believed to sell 270,000 iPhones per day" ??

Thats an insane figure, where are they all going?!
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 8 years ago
I know Kevin; I noticed that alleged iPhone figure in an article I read elsewhere a week or two back. I'm not sure that it hasn't been mis-reported, otherwise it means they're selling over 8 million iPhones per month on average, which surely can't be right... Can it?!
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"iOS" meaning iPhone, iTouch, iPad (and maybe others). Combined for 70-100m units a year - yup, I'd believe that. Big numbers!

As for Windows Phone 7 - its gonna be tough. I don't see enough value to drive that many consumers to the platform... which in turn means less reason to dev apps, which drops the attractiveness of the phones to consumers again.

I can't see anything displacing Android, Nokia or Apple in the short-term though...
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Adam Campbell Studying Games Technology, City University London8 years ago
To be honest I don't expect new phones and products to magically fly off the shelves. It take time and consumers wanting to shell out and possibly choose a network they don't want when the product is exclusive. I think the Os will do fine, just not overnight.
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Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College8 years ago
The original article has been changed from iPhone to iOS devices...if you put it like that with combined iPhone, iPod, iPad and iTV then surely that is skewing figures to suit - Mr Meer!

70-100m units that Michael Shamgar quoted - totally believable and achievable worldwide with combined sales of 97.2m if the 270k a day is to be believed as now quoted above "Apple claims to have sold 270,000 iOS devices per day,"
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Alec Meer Director, Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd8 years ago
I went back and checked/clarified based on the comments, yes - apologies for the initial error. Jobs has said 270k iOS devices per day, and Google have indeed claimed 200k Androids per day.
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Mark Bridges Human 8 years ago
After using a HTC HD7 in a store, i confess to prefering it to the Iphone, though i have not looked at the android platform.

I think the success of the iphone is partly due to the fact that when it first launched there was nothing like it on the market. After that point, most phone companies including Google have done everything they can to copy the iphone and its success. Windows Phone 6.5 wasnt popular but people still brought them, this might be a case of Microsoft being in it for the long haul and trying to convert people to there way of doing things slowly.

Xna for windows phone a Xbox Live on the device is a good start. Not so sure about Bing though.
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Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College8 years ago
@ Alec - thanks for clearing that up :)
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Thomas Luecking8 years ago
I really hope that WM7 will take off within the next 12 months! The market is huge and we are just at the beginning of what will be "a smartphone in everybodys hands era" a few years from now.... more diversity is always good and apparently it seems to be a great system.
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