38 Studios will help make Providence "a national and global force" in 5 years

Schilling believes games can become a multi-billion dollar industry in Rhode Island

38 Studios head Curt Schilling has claimed the controversial $75 million loan which saw the developer relocate from Boston to Rhode Island will prove transformative for Providence's fortunes.

Speaking to an audience at the Providence Business News' Business Excellence Awards dinner, Schilling claimed that "Four to five to six years from now, we're going to be looking back on this, and I know that 38 Studios will be one of the companies that will push and incentivise the Providence business community to become a national and global force."

"This business and this company is on a trajectory to be a multibillion-dollar business and company, and a multibillion-dollar industry in Providence," claimed Schilling. "And that's world-changing."

Much of the debate between industry and political figures in both states has concerned the likelihood that 38 Studios' presence would attract new jobs and game companies. Additionally, there are concerns as to the financial fallout were this not to occur.

"We believe in being tightly involved with the local business and the local philanthropic communities," claimed Schilling.

"I will give you my word we will be intimately involved in the educational community and making sure the incredibly and insanely talented students that RISD and Brown and URI are turning out want to stay here, because the talent is going elsewhere and that's a shame."

38 Studios is currently working on Kingdoms of Amalur and an MMO known as Project Copernicus.

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Dan Griliopoulos Dreams 7 years ago
It's great that Rhode Island's going to be known for something other than Family Guy.

(Waits for flashback. Doesn't get it.)
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James Ingrams Writer 7 years ago
Let's be patient and see if 38 studio's even get to be a multi-MILLION dollar company, shall me?!
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