OnLive console to cost $99, ships December 2

Cloud service to also offer a flat-rate fee for unlimited access to library of games

Streaming game service OnLive has begun taking orders for its home console, with shipments beginning on December 2.

The hardware package will retail for $99 in the US and consists of the Micro Console TV adaptor, one free game, the OnLive Wireless Controller and related cables.

OnLive claims that initial set up takes around three minutes, with games up and running on HDTV's within seconds.

The Micro Console is 1080p and 3D TV compatible, and supports up to four controllers and Bluetooth or USB headsets for in-game voice chat. The controller itself has variable rumble settings and a Brag Clip button to capture game footage.

If users already have access to OnLive on their PC or Mac, games can also be played via the Micro Console.

The company has also said it will offer a flat-rate fee for unlimited access to its library of games, as well as 3-day and 5-day rentals, with actual price details to come.

"This is a big day for OnLive. It's the culmination of more than eight years of hard work by many people, both at OnLive and at our partners, to realise a dream that so many people said was impossible," commented Steve Perlman, CEO of OnLive.

"My hat's off to the team for their dedication and sacrifice to reach this incredible achievement. It has been an honour to work with everyone who made this dream a reality.

Major publishers including Take-Two, Square Enix, Codemasters and Ubisoft already offer their games via the service.

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Latest comments (20)

Sounds promising, although I'll like to see the "flat-rate" pricing structure - that is where the real benefit of cloud gaming lies.

Its also starting to sound more like every other console, with its own controller and console required - just with storage-less, online-purchase-only games.

I can see this competing directly against things like GoogleTV.
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Russell Watson Senior Designer, Born Ready Games7 years ago
Reading an article in the metro this morning, I wonder how this 2-tier internet nonsense would affect the digital economy.
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Geraint Bungay Online Publishing Director, Supermassive Games7 years ago
I think Onlive is a great idea, my concern here is the need for another box under the TV set. It deserves to be a great success but as the most likely purchasers of the "box" will be parents will they not think that a PS3 or XBox is what the kids are after? I think a lot will come down to the marketing and positioning of the service.

That said, good luck to all at Onlive :-)

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Geraint Bungay on 18th November 2010 10:25am

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Elias Pappas Editor in Chief, Authority.gr7 years ago
Will the games have 5.1 surround sound?
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Radu Ciu Product Manager, Alliance Computers7 years ago
Hail to the future!
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Sandy Lobban Founder, Noise Me Up7 years ago
I cant see where this is much different to what is already there. Still the same cables and devices in the room. Its just presented with a different pricing structure and a lower up front payment. I guess youve got to start somewhere though. Time will tell.
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Ryan Locke Lecturer in Media Design, University of Abertay Dundee7 years ago
British internet connections are going to just love this.
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D7 years ago
Actually, we're on 50mb fibre optic at home - this will be awesome:)
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 7 years ago
The device seems perfect for IPTV services and VoD. Onlive got a delivery structure, they have a payment processing structure, they have a boxed product everybody understands and that is not proprietary to one TV manufacturer. Onlive also seems perfect for mom&dad games, round-based strategy and non-twitch gaming.

But if you boot it up, you have all those action games which will make any flaw in your ping glaringly obvious. I am wondering if they are really targeting the right audience. I do not think there are many action fans swayed to join Onlive because they have Borderlands or Kane and Lynch. It would at least need this season's top sellers. The Madden, the CoD, the Need for Speed. It is going to be interesting if they get there.
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Pete Thompson Editor 7 years ago
I thought Onlive was hailed as the death of the console?!? yet here they are selling a console for $99

Quite like the idea of it, but as mentioned already British Broadband is pants so won't cope unless you're in a Fibred area, which sadly my country retreat isn't ;)..

Can this console be used offline at all? If not a console may still be the better option for a lot of gamers..

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Pete Thompson on 18th November 2010 4:03pm

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1st sarcasm:
"Can this console be used offline at all? "
Seems someone still don't get the cloud thing...
Anyway, putting "99 dollars" and "free game" in the same sentence must be one of their internal PR's department joke.
This comment was absolutely useful.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
Pete; services like Gaikai and OnLive are Cloud gaming, which as I understand it means you stream the game in question's content as opposed to downloading it. Thus, a constant internet connection is necessary.
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Philip Wilson Project Manager/QA 7 years ago
I've played a few demos on the PC side and it is pretty awesome & works surprisingly well. Granted I have pretty speedy net connection (California, US) but I haven't noticed any lag...although the games I tried weren't twitch shooters.

@Elias: According to some of the reviews that were released last night, 5.1 isn't in the units that were being reviewed but OnLine apparently said that it would be ready to go by the time it is in people's hands.

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Luke Child7 years ago
About time they got to releasing these, already had a read over at the OnliveFans forums to see the response on this. Someone does make a good point in regards to the product, like he said on the pre-order site they fail to mention about the 1000 mile radius to a server as well as the broadband speeds required to run the service. Hopefully they don't forget to mention these things on the back of the box at retail!
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Michael Shillingford PlayStation Access Community Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment7 years ago
I LOVE the 'Brag Clip' button, that is an instant win with any gamer. Combine that with a community gallery and facebook-esque online profiling and the hardcore will be all over it.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game7 years ago
I'm guessing my 2.5Mb coonection probably isn't up to the task.
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I love the concept of this - I just have hard time seeing anything special happening with the sales for the product during this Winters Holidays. By now there is simply too little information about the product for anyone to buy it yet, so I doubt it will have a change landing under the Christmas tree this year.
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Jason Chen Localization Manager, Gamania Digital Entertainment7 years ago
it would be great to have just one console and able to play all the games! looking forward how this develops. no more console, PC restrictions!
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Nathan Hermanson Journalist 7 years ago
I've always thought the concept for OnLive was interesting but couldn't bring myself to accept it. I think that's how I feel about the Kinect as well. I guess I can't accept how much the future is finally seeping into reality. Don't know how successful OnLive will be, but it sounds promising.
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Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University7 years ago
Fran Mulhern@ it not about how high your wire can get.
it about how close to the "max" you can get, no one gets the full max at any time.
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