Ignition London to continue with outsourcing support

Core staff kept and War Devil now known as 'Project Kane' following near-closure

Ignition owner UTV has altered plans to curtail development at its London studio, today announcing that core staff will be kept on to finish the War Devil project.

The much-delayed action title lives on as a prototype known as 'Project Kane', development of which will be led by executive producer Shaun Gwilliam and design director Julian Glover.

Commented UTV Ignition group chairman Hassan Sadiq, "Following a comprehensive audit of the title, assets and internal team, we have decided that a core team responsible for the Project Kane prototype will take the game into full production, led by the key vision holders."

Said Glover of the remaining London developer, "We have cherry picked from some of the world's best teams to build our UK studio, which includes personnel whose combined previous development credits include Burnout 3, Crysis, Little BigPlanet, and Heavenly Sword."

UTV has slated release for the fourth quarter of next year. However, Sadiq revealed that outsourcing would be key to completing the title, with the exact number of retained London staff left unclear.

"This latest commitment combines the best of the DNA behind the original project vision with some of the creative talent available in the broader industry.

"Outsourcing ensures flexibility and broader expertise that will dovetail perfectly with internal skill sets to speed up the process and ensure a title of true excellence."

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Dan Griliopoulos Dreams 7 years ago
Wasn't War Devil originally penciled in as a 360 launch title? I remember cold-calling the Ealing studio when I joined OXM.
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Drew Northcott Senior Artist 7 years ago
Originally started on the Gamecube
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Kieren Bloomfield Software Engineer, EA Sports7 years ago
Wow, blast from the past. That's got to be something like 5-6 years ago! Oh, loneliness and cheeseburgers...
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Show all comments (5)
not quite duke nukeem. hopefully they can finish it
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Ewan Aiton Journalist 7 years ago
It was an Edge cover article at the end of 2009 as well. Looked quite impressive. I hope it actually makes it to market.
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