Digital Chocolate attracts 20m MUAs

Trip Hawkins' outfit boasts 4m users from Facebook, rest online and mobile

Social gaming firm Digital Chocolate has hit a milestone of 20 million monthly active users.

This means the company, founded by former EA man Trip Hawkins, has grown its user base by eight million within two months.

Four million of Digital Chocolate's users hail from Facebook, with the rest stemming from the open internet, iOS and Android.

"Our growth across the world's most exciting platforms separates us from the crowd," said Marc Metis, president of Digital Chocolate.

"We are unique in combining social gaming expertise, leadership on both Facebook and mobile, a global approach, technology leverage, and scale."

There is currently much debate amongst social gaming firms as to the veracity of MUAs as a benchmark, with companies such as PopCap claiming that Daily Active Users may be a more meaningful figure for many games.

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David Rider Publisher, Hustler UK7 years ago
Good. Trip always had interesting ideas, and the 3DO came so close...
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