Judge refuses to dismiss Zynga privacy suit

Plaintiff alleges fraudulent charges of $165 for herbal supplements

Zynga's request for a dismissal of a class action lawsuit filed against it for privacy violations has been denied.

Lead plaintiff Rebecca Swift claimed in December that ads on Facebook for free Zynga games virtual currency had led to unauthorised payments.

Despite attempts to cancel a free trial for a green tea-based herbal supplement, which she joined in order to obtain additional 'YoCash', Swift alleges to have been charged $165 as a result of providing her phone and credit card details.

Zynga had requested that the case be dismissed because, it claimed, the fault lay with the advertiser. US district judge Sandra Armstrong refused the request, reports Courthouse News, stating that Swift had "sufficiently alleged Zynga's role in the fraudulent scheme."

The judge explained that "The lure of virtual currency is the most important 'content' within the special offer because, without it, it is unlikely any user would ever participate in the offers."

The FarmVille maker is currently facing a second suit concerning the alleged sharing of 218 million Facebook user IDs with third-party firms, filed last month.

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Richard DeBarry Programmer 7 years ago
I got charged by Zynga for $200 once. At the time I had no idea what the company was or did. They refunded the money though.
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Alex Loffstadt Community Manager, Outso Ltd7 years ago
Question is if these cases go against Zynga what level of punishment will Facebook meat out? They suspended LOLApps for 6 months for allegedly leaking UID information.

I've not heard of any similar action against Zynga, anyone have an insight on how Facebook are likely to react?
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Kane Caswell Community Manager, Crowdstar Games 7 years ago
Probably none, as Facebook gains millions from Zynga...
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Daniel Harty Audio Capture Specialist, Electronic Arts7 years ago
This kind of corporate strategy is disgraceful and will only shorten the life span of their products' demand. As big a player in this secor as Zygna should be aiming to convince their customers with quality content, not alienate them with cheap tricks for money and personal data. This is not a long term strategy...
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Jake Clayton7 years ago
Daniel harty, they have a history of copying games, farmville was absolutely a carbon copy of farmtown when it was first released.

zynga care about nothing but profit and they make no effort to look after their customers.
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