Gran Turismo 5 due November 24

Much-delayed PS3 racer apparently just two weeks away

Polyphony Digital has revealed the latest planned release date for Gran Turismo 5, a PlayStation 3 driving simulator which has been in development for six years.

The game, which features 1031 cars and 71 circuits, is now due to arrive at retail on November 24.

Commented Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi, "With the technological leap onto PlayStation 3, our objective with GT5 was to create another great revolution which would not only satisfy our own high expectations, but would meet or even exceed the anticipation of the fans."

"Satisfying the loyal Gran Turismo followers is at the heart of all of our efforts, which is why it was such a difficult decision to delay the release of the game, and one which we did not take lightly.

"I can only apologise to everyone for making you wait so long, and I hope that when you try out the wealth of driving experiences available in Gran Turismo 5, you will not be disappointed."

Gran Turismo 5 was last due for release on November 2, with the latest slip being announced on October 13.

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Latest comments (17)

Pedro Engana Studying Information Systems and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Lisbon8 years ago
Well.. Seeing as some copies have already been leaked I don't think they can afford to delay it further. My bet is this will be the final release. Lets see if all those delays will be worth it in the end
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Hakki Sahinkaya8 years ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe there was only one *official* delay, others were hear-say.

This is absolutely momentous news for the Sony camp, I am sure rarely anyone has doubt this game is going to blow everything away sales and gameplay wise.

Sony has to use this momentum and plan around it very cleverly (some big FW to follow soon after GT5 or something, keep momentum flowing).

It's almost a now or never moment for them as far as closing in on competition.

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Marques Johnson Attorney 8 years ago
Now I just need someone to write a tell-all explaining why its taken PD more than half the PS3s life cycle to release a flagship game like this.
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John Donnelly Quality Assurance 8 years ago
If this game can come close to GT1 &2 I might just find myself in the PS3 market.
I have fond memories of those games on my little grey box with the dualshock working over time as I failed to keep my cars on the track due to a bad setup.
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Private Industry 8 years ago
Marques I guess because they want to release a finished product thats very polished? At the same time you could ask Rockstar why it took them the same amount of time to make Red Dead Redemption or LA Noire. GT1 took them 5 years to make and at that time technology was not as advanced as it is now making a single car or track takes them ages now. If i remember correct a premium car takes them around 6 months make and there are a bit over 200 of those in the game also they had to make unfortunately a PSP game as well.

Despite what Pachter was saying that due to the delay they would sell at least 1 million less, I think that works actually for the benefit of the sales. The game was so much in the news in the last 3 weeks with constant rumors about possible release dates and so on and the only game that got the same amount of front page was CoD and with that released now that gives GT5 even more exposition, guess thats also the reason why the release date was announced today instead of earlier this week or last week.

Cant wait to pick up my signature edition and go on holidays, those 2 weeks can`t be over fast enough. :D
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Certainly looking forward to my copy of the signature edition and hoping to gain that exclusive Red Bull car!
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Private Industry 8 years ago
That still needs to be seen what people need to do in the game to get the X1, just surprised that the Red Bull F1 car does not show up on the list.
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If only they'd display it in Abu Dhabi. Maybe if Webber/Vettel win eh!
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Olivier Leonardi Art director, Splash Damage8 years ago
Wow... I can't believe the wait is finally OVER!!!
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Jake Clayton8 years ago
Werner, red dead redemption took so long as it wasn't rockstars first big title of the generation, remember their flagship title GTA? also it was only their 2nd attempt at using their own engine, and first attempt to make anything which varied from GTA.
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Aleksi Ranta Category Management Project Manager 8 years ago
Too long in development, too much hype, not a blockbuster genre in general, too expensive to make?
Id love to see PDs and Sonys bottom line regarding this title. Lets see how it fares.
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 8 years ago
@Aleksi - Totally agree. The market has completely transformed since the last game came out and although this one might ride the nostalgia wave and name of the last game, meaning that most core PS3 owners will get it, I see this series as having an expiry date unless things change.

GT is a very expensive series and the money to be made is with people who will find such a game inaccessible. With current economics and market situation I find it interesting that companies still pump quite so much money into realatively niche hardcore games now.
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Private Industry 8 years ago
I don`t know racing games are still strong you get frequently Dirt, NFS, Grid, Shift and F1 is also back. The genre is still strong and GT sold over 55 million copies to date. Even GT5 Prologue sold around 4 million (more than Forza 3 with a higher installed base) and that`s only the "demo" of GT5 and came out 3 years ago when the PS3 installed base was a lot lower.

Sure 60 million is a big amount but if it includes the licensing than it`s not that much and it`s better to spend 60 million in developing a game instead of paying 50 million for timed exclusive GTA4 DLC. Every racing game is expensive at the end of the day when you use licensed cars instead of made up cars. PD can now build on the engine as well as getting hopefully a constant flow of DLC to add new cars.
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Aleksi Ranta Category Management Project Manager 8 years ago
60 million to develop? Might have hear that figure somewhere. And what, 20-30 million for worldwide marketing? closer to 100million in total cost roughly. That would mean about 4-5million copies just to break even assuming a $20 margin for sony. Would be a tough sell for me as a would be investor. But then again my figures might be way off. And probably are.

Anyway, this will sell, but games that are in development for ages and ages just make me wonder. :)
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Josef Brett Animator 8 years ago
When was the $60m figure released? I guess it was a while ago. That fugure must have gone up since then plus, like Aleksi said, the cost of marketing and I think Polyphony/Sony will struggle to recoup the investment.

Yes, GT is a big franchise, but those 55m sales cover 4 main game installments, plus all the various paid for demos and spin-offs (is the PSP game included in that figure)?

I always worry about things that have been in development for so long (like Alan Wake). it's diffucult for the developers to keep up with modern trends and if they just keep adding 'Me too' features then is that good for the game?

It's the same with the film industry too though, when I hear a director say "I've been planning this film for 20 years" I shudder! Somethings can cook for too long.

Still, I wait excitedly to see the reviews!
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Antony Carter Senior Programmer, Epic Games8 years ago

They recently released that they sold over 5million copies of prologue including online sales, i dont think theyll have a problem selling way more than that of the full game, they probably made back more than half the money on the prologue edition.
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Adam Ivory Studying BA Photography, University of Greenwich8 years ago
It good that its finally gone gold and is on the verge of being rolled out world wide. It been so long but i'm thinking it will definitely be worth the wait, i ended up buying Shift when that came out as bridging to this game as i was done trying to second guess when it was actually going to come out. The amount of content i've read that has been put in will keep me going for more than enough time. I agree that the budget has definitely gone over its original budget of 60 million, as just in running costs and development when a delay occurs the cost goes up due to the extended time needed to work to the game, it the same with anything, time is money.
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