Black Ops generates $360 million in 24 hours

Sales for US and UK combined smash record set by Modern Warfare 2 last year

Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops generated $360 million in the UK and US alone during its first 24 hours on sale.

That's according to Activision, which puts the figure at $50 million more than last year's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The game sold-through around 5.6 million units in the UK and North America, compared to 4.7 million of Modern Warfare 2.

"There has never been another entertainment franchise that has set opening day records for two consecutive years and we are on track to outperform last year's five-day global sales record of $550 million ," said Bobby Kotick , CEO of Activision Blizzard.

"The game's success underscores the pop culture appeal of the brand. Call of Duty: Black Ops is the finest game that Treyarch has ever made and raises the bar for online gameplay by delivering the deepest and most intense Call of Duty experience yet.

"The Call of Duty franchise has over 25 million players around the world that are engaged in billions of hours of online gameplay, and we are committed to supporting them with new content and features on a more frequent and regular basis," he added.

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Latest comments (17)

Brett Walton MD, VGChartz Ltd8 years ago
Don't generally like to blow our own trumpet but given Greenberg's recent "issues" with our Kinect numbers:

[link url=

USA - 3.6m
UK - 1.4m
Canada - 350k

5.4m total

Not too bad considering there is no "science" behind the numbers ;-)
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Wayne Gibson UK Marketing Manager for 8 years ago
They need to fix the bug that causes a group of 5+ people to all get kicked out of a queue when their in the same xbl party (not sure if this happens on the ps3/pc). This has caused increasing frustration amongst my regular grp of gaming friends. We manage to get to play together in about 1 in every 10 or so attempts. Personally I only purchased this game to play with friends online. I believe this is something that has been voiced by the community (the bug issue I mean). Hopefully it wont take them months to amend this like the MW2 care package glitch. Other than this its quite an overall enjoyable online experience when not having to play with/aganist 11 yr old kids asking their moms whats for tea over the game chat. Very responsible parents buying this for their kids.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Wayne Gibson on 11th November 2010 7:00pm

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Josef Brett Animator 8 years ago
Do we know console specific figures?

It would be interesting to know how this comapres to Halo: Reach.
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Luke Salvoni Senior iOS Developer 8 years ago
Hopefully they'll use some of the money to fix/bribe Steam to sort out the outrageous memory leak bug on the PC version...
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Irene Mark Gilo Digital Artist/Illustrator 8 years ago
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Jonah Falcon Writer 8 years ago
Brett? I'd have issue with your Kinect numbers if retailers are utterly selling out and you claim less than 500K units had been sold.

As for Black Ops - the news is also entertainingly colored by the subtext of the rift and departure of Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West, who left Activision in a spectacular soap opera and legal battles. This can only put an extreme amount of pressure on Zampella and West, whose next game will be undoubtedly judged on how it compares with Black Ops, and more dauntingly, how it sells.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jonah Falcon on 11th November 2010 5:16pm

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Chris Walch Lead Artist, Firebrand Games8 years ago
There was 3.6 million people logged in last night :) It was very cool to see. And yes Wanye they should totally fix all the bugs that keep breaking up parties when entering a game, it is very annoying. I hope they patch it soon.

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John Kauderer Associate Creative Director, Atari8 years ago
So nobody else is underwhelmed by the single player experience? Sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game and all but perhaps a wee bit over-rated? And yes I will be playing tonight thanks kettle for reminding me of my blackness. Long live Soap MacTavish.
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Cobey Jones Studying Game development, University of Advancing Technology8 years ago
Wow! Sometimes I worry about the soundness of the games industry and all at once, Call of Duty comes out and I am once again relieved.
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Cobey Jones Studying Game development, University of Advancing Technology8 years ago
Wow! Sometimes I worry about the soundness of the games industry and all at once, Call of Duty comes out and I am once again relieved.
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Hakki Sahinkaya8 years ago
The engine is lacking behind IW's update but the SP is MUCH better story and missions wise and the MP is much more balanced, thus, much more fun.

So what I'm saying is: It deserves it.
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Jordan Woodward Level Designer, Rebellion Developments8 years ago
Agreed Cobey. You hear about companies going under and games failing to meet expectations, then Blizzard Activision comes along and shows the true potential of the industry.
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Brett Walton MD, VGChartz Ltd8 years ago
Jonah - there is every possibility (as at any time with any piece of data) that we are a little high or a little low, but at the end of the day the same methodology is applied across all games / hardware and 95% of the time it produces great results. Kinect will sell well at non-gaming stores which may skew our data slightly (although we did try to compensate for that) and maybe 500k is a little low but I'd be suprised if it were massively out to be honest.

Wii only launched to 530k back in 2006, Xbox 360 itself launched to 350k back in 2005 and WiiFit / Balance Board launched to 730k in 2008. I don't think ~500k looks unreasonable and personally I think Greenberg's comments could be more down to saving face and keeping shareholders happy by trying to discredit VGChartz - with NPD holding back on data on the request of manufacturers it makes sense that they would rather control this kind of info and spin it in their favour. Either way, I am looking forward to an official announcement (and hopefully of sell-through not sell-in).

Back to Black Ops - I forgot that this figure will probably account for Steam sales as well (which VGC doesn't track) so in actual fact the 5.6m figure actually lines up pretty much perfectly.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Brett Walton on 12th November 2010 8:06am

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Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College8 years ago
I wonder if the $360m figure is based on revenue (i.e. profit) of from SRRP respectively?

25 from Tesco FTW!
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Robert Turner Studying Games Programming, SAE Institute8 years ago
Cobey and Jordan - The success of COD-BO Means little for us students, sure there are plenty of jobs out there, but mostly for lead and senior staff. There has never been a better time to apply for a Jobs if you have 5+ years exp and there is plenty out there for those hardend vets. For us grads how ever, it is more difficult to pick up a job than ever, ESPECIALY for designer rolls. It's great to be optimistic, but dont let the success of one (massive) franciese raise your hopes.
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Johnny Embleton Studying BSc Computer Games Development, University of Central Lancashire8 years ago
Robert: Totally agree with you there fella. It seems like catch 22....'must have 5+ years experience' or 'must have worked on a shipped title'. Having said that, there are graduate jobs out there, you just have to dig a little - and often.
My attention is focused on the UK games dev market at present. There may be very few dev houses left thanks to the government's reversal on tax relief for the games market (and digital sectors too). You only have to look at the growth in Canada to see how such systems have a profound effect. The government really needs to look at digital export as the new manufacturing boom. Otherwise it's like rats leaving a sinking ship........let's hope TIGA's proposals don't fall on deaf ears ;-)
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Torgeir Hagland Sr Programmer, Gaikai Inc.8 years ago
what was the marketing budget for codbo?
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