Turbulenz breaks cover with $5 million funding

Ex-Criterion firm raises cash for browser game creation and publishing tool

UK studio Turbulenz has raised $5 million in funding for its eponymous browser game creation and publishing platform.

Founded last year by ex-members of EA and Criterion, Turbulenz plans to launch the platform in 2011 with the aim of enabling easy publishing and monetisation of browser games for developers.

"We are thrilled to announce that we have raised these funds, which will allow us to continue expanding our development goals, enabling Turbulenz to power a new generation of online games," said James Austin, Turbulenz CEO and ex-director of technology at EA.

Having already recruited from the ranks of Apple, Sony, Google, Eidos and Square Enix, Turbulenz plans to expand its numbers further through the next year.

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Ben Furneaux Principal Designer 11 years ago
Turbulenz is easily the most exciting project I've ever worked on. Can't wait until we make our platform public knowledge and I can talk about it :)
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nice work guys!
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Philipp Karstaedt Producer / Product & Project Manager 11 years ago
Ohh we want to know!
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Dennis Willis Owner 11 years ago
Although Garagegames has touted this technology for years they failed to bring it to the mainstream, however Turbulenz has not only the funding but they also have the support of some major players such as Sony and Apple. I look foward to seeing how this develops.
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