Job losses at Monumental as project is pulled

"Unexpected cancellation" of undisclosed project hits UK developer

UK developer Monumental has made a number of redundancies at the business following the unexpected cancellation of a project.

The developer declined to give an indication of the number of staff affected when approached by, but insisted it would do all it can to help ex-employees.

"Due to an unexpected project cancellation Monumental has been forced to restructure its business which has resulted in a number of job losses," reads a statement from the company.

Today, publishing partner Capcom announced the latest instalment of the well-received MotoGP series, developed once again by Monumental, and due for release in March next year.

The company is also pushing its budget MMO engine, with pitching sessions lined up for Game Connection in France next week.

"Monumental will continue to develop and support Prime it's world leading 3D MMO engine and to develop games in the social gaming space as well as other more traditional work for hire projects," said the company.

In April this year the developer was forced to close its Salford Quays studio.

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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D8 years ago
Never nice. All the best to the guys and girls affected there. As the Midway lot, the free radical lot and, probably, anyone in the industry for more than a few years will tell you, there's usually a silver lining to these things, even if it's not apparent initially. Was actually only this morning that my wife's letter from the reundancy payments office popped through the door, she'd been at an animation studio in Worcs until they went into administration. So I have an idea of how you guys are feeling now. I also know it'll get better.

Collective chins up.
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David Blewett Lead Artist, SUMO Digital8 years ago
This is really sad news. I have a lot of friends down at Monumental, so this one is a particularly bad one to hear about. Best wishes to all of those affected.
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Alex Loffstadt Community Manager, Outso Ltd8 years ago
Always tough when this sort of thing happens.
Heart goes out to the everyone at Monumental.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 8 years ago
Oh dear these guys are practically up the road from me.

Good luck to all affected..

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Simon Miles Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Jagex Games Studio8 years ago
Codemasters will be at the Pitcher and Piano, Nottingham, NG1 1HN from 5.30pm on Monday 15th November for anyone affected from Monumental. We have over 100 vacancies across Racing, Action and Online in three studio locations. Hope to see you there for a chat.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Simon Miles on 12th November 2010 11:27am

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