Fallen Earth shuffles management team

Marketing director, producer and director of content laid off from MMO company

Fallen Earth has confirmed that it has shuffled its management team, laying off three key members of staff.

Producer Dave Haydysch, marketing director Jessica Orr and director of content development Wes Platt have been let go from the company responsible for self-titled MMO Fallen Earth.

"In order to maintain ongoing production and expansion of Fallen Earth, we have reshuffled some of our management team. As a result of these recent events, [Haydysch, Orr and Platt] are no longer with us," said the company in statement to Massively.

Earlier this year, the developer axed a significant number of staff as it merged with Icarus Studios, just six months after the release of the game.

However, the latest departures will not disrupt the game, according to Fallen Earth.

"As a small indie developer, Fallen Earth stands by our fans and we assure you that your gameplay experience will not be compromised by the recent events," said the statement. "We will continue to deliver new content as development on Fallen Earth continues."

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Dan Griliopoulos Dreams 7 years ago
Aw, that's a damn shame. They were a lovely bunch of people, and great to work with!
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Shane Wilson European Sales Director, Curse LTD7 years ago
Good luck Jessica and Dave, good people indeed...
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