Kinect sales to top 5 million this quarter - Mattrick

Platform holder increases estimates based on pre-orders, retail demand and consumer interest

Microsoft has increased its sales estimate for its forthcoming motion-control system - Kinect, launched this week - to 5 million units this quarter, up from its previous forecast of 3 million.

That's according to the company's president of Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick, speaking in an interview with Bloomberg - making it the most successful Xbox debut to-date.

The optimism is based on a combination of pre-orders, retail demand and consumer interest, with 25,000 stores expected to sell the device in the US alone - a fifth of which will be opening at midnight for the launch.

"[Retailers] are really defining Kinect as the must-have holiday item," said Mattrick. "It means it's going to be our biggest holiday ever."

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Hakki Sahinkaya9 years ago
Yeah it certainly helps when you shut out any negative press and propaganda your way into success.
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Craig Burkey Software Engineer 9 years ago
Who are these 5million people? Are they all called Jack? If you meet one can you tell him I have some magic beans for sale
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Private Industry 9 years ago
Does this include the free kinects given away by Ophra and so on?

Can`t wait for the Japanese sales numbers with 5 sold kinects per week :D
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Lee Hansiel Lim Game Developer - Unity3D, Anino PlayLab9 years ago
It's nice to know that gaming devices (especially these new and 'revolutionary' ones - including the Move and Wii) are doing good and all. We're all game devs/enthusiasts here so I know and believe that we all get happy and giddy when any part of the gaming community in general gets successful.

But to boldly claim numbers (and sales numbers of all things) without hard, concrete, real, and factual basis only fuels the flames of doubt and slight paranoia on any end of the developer-consumer line.
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