Keiji Inafune quits Capcom

Update: Corporate reshuffle follows departure, Jun Takeuchi promoted to corporate officer

Capcom's creative director Keiji Inafune has quit, effective at the end of the month, claiming discontent that he had 'no where higher left to go'.

In a blog post entitled "Sayonara", translated by Kotaku, Inafune wrote that he was "leaving Capcom with the intention of starting my life over".

"A manager's work means evaluating your subordinates and speaking your dreams. Anyone who can do both of those can be a manager. I thought that when I came here, and I still think that now," Inafune continued.

"People that really know me, can see where I'm coming from. I'm not a regular dude. It's probably because I'm strange."

In recent months, Inafune has expressed concern and open disdain for the Japanese industry, claiming that the games it makes are "awful".

Inafune's move has prompted something of a corporate reshuffle at Capcom, with Jun Takeuchi being promoted to corporate officer with extra responsibilities, but not as a direct replacement for Inafune.

"Managing corporate officer Katsuhiko Ichii will be appointed head of our development organisation, backed by a market-oriented development organisation that integrates our marketing and development functions," a Capcom spokesman told

"The new development management team will continue to carry forward our business and will be comprised of senior figures within the organisation including: corporate officer Nobuyuki Matsushima; corporate officer Jun Takeuchi; assistant deputy head of Consumer Game Business Division Taichiro Genbun; general manager of CS R&D Strategic Planning Department Hiroyuki Kobayashi and general manager of Consumer Games Quality Control Department Shutaro Kobayashi."

Inafune's most recent project for Capcom, Dead Rising 2, did not meet the company's sales expectations, contributing to a lower than expected financial outlook for the publisher.

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Sometimes, starting over can be like founding a new city/village in civilization. The mystery of possibilities to explore are endless (under the fog of the unexplored)

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RJ Festejo Creative Director, Microsoft11 years ago
He needs to set up his own studio and make the games that he wants to make... In fact... He should work for a western studio to soak up the culture and inner workings of how games are developed outside of Japan and then start up his own studio to bring back all that he has learnt.

He clearly feels strongly about the way games are made in Japan - and most people would agree.

Good luck to him.
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Armando Marini Product Development, Big Viking Games11 years ago
Starting your own studio is extremely difficult without someone having your back. Making games that are successful is more important than making games that you, personally, enjoy.

I feel his pain though. It seems the business people, the world over, assume that a creative director somehow does not understand the economics of the industry. As if financially successful games are par for the course and any creative director that fails to create one is somehow sub par. Maybe someone in Capcom's business capacity should have had the keen sense to realize a Dead Rising sequel would only sell in limited numbers because there is little interest in the game, regardless of quality.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 11 years ago
Well, this is a surprise! I wonder if he will join a Western developer or publisher, seeing as he has expressed his disdain for Japanese developers in the past.

Anyone taking bets on ZeniMax offering him a job - perhaps with their new Japanese arm? ;)
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Martyn Brown Managing Director, Insight For Hire11 years ago
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Vitor De Magalhaes Head of Business Development - Americas, Improbable11 years ago
Uh - Lost Planet 2 led to Capcom revising their financial outlook, not DR2, as stated in the article you linked to.
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Robin Smith indie journalist 11 years ago
go join platinum Inafune san. lol.

Really is a sudden suprise though. Wonder what will happen with current megaman projects now.
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Jason Stewart Associate Producer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe11 years ago

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Yiannis Koumoutzelis Founder & Creative Director, Neriad Games11 years ago
i hope he reads this comment, best of luck have fun and keep making great games!
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Private Industry 11 years ago
Understandable, can imagine being a manager for R&D departments is not as fulfilling as being a game designer given where he comes from. Sure he will have success with what he is doing next.
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Kirill Yarovoy Game designer / Narrative designer / Writer 11 years ago
i totally agree with Inafune about awfull japanesse games of last decade.

Look at RE 1-3 and compare it to RE4 or RE5, Look at SF 1-3 and SF4, Look at SH 1-3 and compare to SH 4 - ???, FF7-FFX & compare to all the never FF, look at MGS 1-2 and compare to MGS 3 4 & Peace Walker.... - degradation is quite obvious & in same time games conservative where its not needed - outdated where it needs to be updated, and updated where it should remain as was before.
Japan's most know game designer Hide Kojima, was good in 199x era, but after MGS2 he just proved to be awful game designer & writer... with every new Metal Gear, which degraded more and more. Latest Peace Walker was so terrible, stupid and flawed in story & gameplay so i (one of the biggest MGS fans who know like every little part of plot of whole series, friends call me MGS encyclopedia ) cant consider this terrible game as canonic due of stupidity of entire plot & awfull number of plot holes, that ruins whole MGS. MGS 4 was pretty awful too, i cant believe everyone gave it 10 of 10 - as fan of series i cant give it more than 6 of 10 and believe that all magazine reviews of MGS 4 and MGS PW was sponsored by Konami.

Jap gamedevs need some serious upgrade of their vision & need to return to creative roots and stop making so many commercial sequels! Most of jap game series just lost their souls and stuck in past in gamedesign & storytelling.
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Private Industry 11 years ago
I would agree with RE 4&5 the SH games from SH Room onwards as well as FF13, but MGS? MGS2 was the weakest entry in the series and the third one was great and MGS4 wasn`t awful, granted it was light on Gameplay at some points otherwise the game managed to tie up all the lose ends the series had in a plausible (as plausible as possible for a game with giant Mechs and Nanomachines) way and it was still a very good game and I played them since the Metal Gear games and all except Peace Walker.

The problems with the "failed" games mentioned above that I have is that those games are just not Japanese games. This are traditional Japanese games where the developers/publishers tried to make them more for the western audience. Resident Evil turned from Zombie Survival Horror into a shooter without zombies, Silent Hill was also changed to be somehow more action packed instead of Psychological Survival Horror and well FF13 turned into a easy and mainstream game. I also can`t agree with the complain about sequels, FF has every 3-5 years a sequel if it would be a western production you would get every 1-2 years a new FF game with slightly upgraded graphics and a few tweaks.

Japanese game developers don`t need an upgrade of their vision, gamedesign, storytelling they need to stop making Japanese games and try to make them more western to get more sales. Valkyria Chronicles, Bayonetta, Persona, Catherine, Team Ico games, Demons Souls, Resonance of Fate and so on are great examples of very good Japanese games and they are good because they are not "adapted" to the western audience
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Robert Hoogendoorn Editor in Chief, Novum Nieuws11 years ago
I hear a whisper.... thq..... THQ....
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