Sony launches PlayStation Rewards scheme beta

Loyal users to receive incentives for interaction

Sony has launched the beta version of a new PSN feature today, the PlayStation Rewards scheme. The program will reward loyal PlayStation users with avatars, XMB themes and exclusive offers.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the scheme is intended to incentivise the use of the PlayStation 3 to play games and stream content, although other activities such as participation in Sony surveys will also be rewarded. One of the prizes mentioned in the post is an all expenses paid trip to the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show as a guest of Sony.

"PlayStation's most important asset is its loyal fans and PlayStation Rewards gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation for their amazing passion and desire to continually evolve the gaming world," said senior director of PSN Susan Panico.

"We can't thank our fans enough for the feedback they have given us over the years and look forward to even more dialogue to help us evolve PlayStation Rewards to make it the best possible loyalty program it can be."

Participation will see users rise through three separate ranks: Select, Pro and Legendary, with an associated increase in the level of reward. Beta invites have been issued to eligible PSN+ and Gamer Advisory Panel members, with the scheme due to open up to all PSN users, including those using a PSP, soon.

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David Wicks Editor / Co-Founder, Gamers Heaven9 years ago
It should be mentioned that this is currently for US residents only...
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