Ipsos: Kinect on course for Christmas success

Purchase intent higher than Move due to "uniqueness and believability"

Market research outfit Ipsos has named Kinect as the most likely hardware success story over the Christmas period.

Based on its own metrics and surveys, 13 per cent of respondents were intending to purchase a Kinect kit, and 11 per cent a PlayStation Move.

However, its results put it that Kinect had more "uniqueness" and "believability." The latter - covering consumer faith in the device working as promised - saw Kinect score 44 per cent against Move's 29 per cent.

"Given a new usage experience, one might expect some level of skepticism among respondents for Kinect," said Ipsos. "Surprisingly, though, Kinect excels on both uniqueness and believability... PS Move is rather weak on both dimensions."

"While there are a lot of factors other than consumer appeal that influence demand, the underlying potential for Xbox Kinect looks very good."

Kinect launches next week.

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Craig Burkey Software Engineer 7 years ago
I almost choked on my tea
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Lee Hansiel Lim Game Developer - Unity3D, Anino PlayLab7 years ago
I'm curious as to what particular demographic they conducted their survey on.
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Kovi Henenberg Studying Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Marketing and Minoring in Game Design, Swinburne University of Technology7 years ago
Probably not people who choke on their tea.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
...or people that have never tried a Wii, EyeToy, XaviXPORT or Track & Field using the Power Pad... ;^P

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