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Spencer: 'Kinect will become as integrated with 360 as Live'

Microsoft exec says that new peripheral is "fundamental part of the platform"

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has told press that he hopes Kinect will become as much a part of the Xbox experience as Live support.

Speaking to GameSpot at a Kinect launch event in San Francisco yesterday, Spencer claimed that every first party development kit has a Kinect attached, in the same way that they all have an internet connection, but that Microsoft wasn't interested in forcing Kinect into situations where it wasn't useful.

"Well we view Kinect as a fundamental part of the platform. It is as core to the platform as Live is," Spencer said.

"We think about the all products in our pipeline, including things that haven't been announced. And just like there's an (internet) pipe connected to the dev kits, there's a camera connected to the dev kits. So you think about those dev kits and those teams and that creative space, and how they want to add to that experience."

"I think over time for first party, you're not going to see that differentiation between 'Is that a Kinect game?' and 'Is that not a Kinect game?' You're just going to think about these things as 360 games. Now that doesn't mean there's no controller included. This is just like Live, since Live is used in many different ways across many different experiences that we build."

However, when asked if games were likely to have Kinect support added retroactively, Spencer seemed to indicate that this would not be the case.

"We start thinking about stuff from the beginning, about the full capabilities of the system, and then getting the best creators thinking about the whole ecosystem and creating on top of it. This isn't about trying to ram stuff in where it doesn't belong.

"For us, the experience is from the ground up, and that's why you see the first launch experiences are completely body controlled. That was the bar we set for ourselves: to make a game that uses the body that's as fun as one that uses the controller. We're putting those games out there, customers will tell us what they think. Third parties have put out a lot of games, and I've been really impressed with the creative that's come to market."

Xbox Kinect will be available in UK retailers from November 10, 2010.

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Latest comments (5)

Thomas Luecking10 years ago
I think they will integrate Kinect in the 360 successor... we will see in two years from now ;)
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Private Industry 10 years ago
I expect it to be as much remembered in two years as HD-DVD

Wow he is impressed with all those copy wii sports, wii fit, eye pet/nintendos games? That`s one person who is easy to impress. All kinects games I have seen where far far far away from impressive or creative.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Damian Lofthouse Studying MComp in Computer Graphics, University of East Anglia10 years ago
I think far far far away from impressive is a little bit harsh. I agree with the lack of creativity, but to be fair the launch of most new consoles consist of tried and tested formulae for games. Usually a few sports games from EA, a typical adventure game with some "cuddly" character, and some arcade racer type game.

But the way in which the technology is being used is entirely revolutionary. Whilst I find it difficult to believe how it could ever replace a controller for an FPS, my girlfriend can't wait to have a full body tracking dance game that finally goes beyond the tapping of feet. This is an experience that can only be offered using this system.

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Show all comments (5)
Kinect has failed to deliver, playstation move on the other hand is impressively accurate and is definetly superior to wii's tech
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Private Industry 10 years ago
I was playing EyeToy 7 years ago, while technological way behind what Kinect can do Kinect is nothing more than an upgraded EyeToy. The lag, space requirements to use it and possible problems with lighting of a room where actually people live in instead of office R&D labs or commercial living rooms and problems to actually use it for core games.

It`s a peripheral and not a console. Like Kinect is an upgraded EyeToy, Move is an upgraded EyeToy, but at least the later one can be used universally. Kinect is just aimed at the mainstream/casual crowed from the Wii and I`m still not happy with what Nintendo did when bringing all those mainstream/casual gamers on board. Don`t get me wrong the more people play games the better, but in recent years so many games became more and more easy to play and less complex just to make sure the casual gamers can also play it. All the money MS is using to promote Kinect and make it would have been better used to make actually new and good games and let Rare make proper games for the core market because only a minor amount of core gamers will buy Kinect this year with all the other great games coming out now and what casual gamer wants to pay 150$ for a webcam?
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