Atlus USA turns 3.4m profit thanks to Demon's Souls

Owner Index Holdings recovers from last year's 800k loss

Index Holdings, which recently merged with publisher Atlus, has announced profits of 437 million (3.42m) for the fiscal year ending August 31.

During the financial year ending August 31, 2009 the company posted a loss of 104 million (815,419) for its North American division. The increase is attributed almost entirely to strong sales of RPG Demon's Souls in the region.

Sales increased from 2.732 billion (21.4m) to 3.299 billion (25.86m) in North America between the two years.

Atlus also publishes the long-running Shin Megami Tensei series of RPGs and is due to make its first cross-platform PS3 and 360 release, with the controversial title Catherine, early next year.

Recently, Demons' Souls developer From Software announced that a sequel is in the works, codenamed Project Dark.

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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
"Recently, Demons' Souls developer From Software announced that a sequel is in the works, codenamed Project Dark."

I don't think Project Dark is actually a Demon's Souls sequel, as Sony hold the rights but don't appear to be involved in Project Dark, which is coming to PS3 and also 360.

I think it's being set up as a 'spiritual sequel', which is enough for fans of the first game like myself. Would love a proper sequel though, so we can find out Boletaria's fate.

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Kim Soares Lead Designer, Nitro Games7 years ago
Demon's Souls is, in my books, one of the best game of all times.

As a designer, I always point out that Demon's Souls is very rewarding because it is difficult and demanding. It's a pity that games today have to be too easy. That results into games like Dante's Inferno, where you just add more and more weak enemies, each more gruesome than the other, to evoke any kind of feelings in the player. And there's no sence of achievment there.

I blame marketing people ;-)
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Demon souls is ROck hard and brutal. Bring on more!!!
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Lewis Mills Creative Partner, Ninja Beaver Studios7 years ago
Demon Souls is indeed rock hard, beautiful to look at with a great atmosphere. Its biggest drawback was that the frustration level was very high. Play for some hours gaining a number of souls only to make a simple mistake and lose all plus sent back to the beginning of the level? Not fun.

This is something that designers need to think about in the long term. How long can you play a level before you're throwing the controller at the TV?
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Private Industry 7 years ago
Good game and very good to see Atlus made profit out of it, although I didn`t find it that hard just a mater of knowing the distance of attacks and what attack will be performed by the enemy when looking at the first few frames of the animation. Had more problems with other games like GoW 3 on the hardest difficulty, so it could have been harder for my taste given was expecting it to be harder after the reviews where people where saying they died few times in the tutorial level.

As for Project Dark, well it`s not going to be a direct sequel since Demons Souls was developed in cooperation with SCE Japan. Still looking forward to that.
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Stefan Pettersson Specialist Consultant, Fat Tuna7 years ago
Demon's Souls is one of the 10-best games ever made. It's also one of the most rewarding. It's not the game that's too hard. It's the player who doesn't pay attention to the game and plays it like it's Dante's Inferno and carrying around tons of souls. Ninja Gaiden: Black is brutaly hard, Demon's Souls is nowhere near this on a frustration level. Funny thing is the only way to get Pure White World Tendency in Demon's Souls (unless you're a God) is to play in soulform with 1/2 the HP (or 3/4 HP if using special Ring).
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Lewis Mills Creative Partner, Ninja Beaver Studios7 years ago
Nah. I still stand by view that it's frustration level is very high, especially in the Valley of Defilement where one false move or knock-back could see you falling to your death. A lot of the time, what I felt upon finishing a level was not a sense of reward but one of "thank God that's over".

On a lighter note and commenting on its sales, is the fact that on release day I could not find it for sale in any of the game stores in my area. All they had in was for pre-order. This was a triple AAA game with a cult following and I couldn't buy it straight off the shelf (they had plenty of Naughty Bear though). In the end I had to resort to buying it from the local Asda.
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