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Krome Studios to close completely - report

Australian developer shuts doors, skeleton staff rehired to complete work

Rumours in Australia are pointing to the complete closure of local development team Krome Studios.

Reports on Friday by Tsumea suggest that the business has closed both studios in Melbourne and Brisbane with the majority of staff let go - although some will be rehired to complete existing projects.

Krome Studios has not replied to requests for comment from

The developer has been responsible for Game Room for Xbox Live, and most recently movie tie-in Legends of the Guardians for Warner and Atari's Blade Kitten.

Only last month the Krome team announced a partnership with Emergent to merge middleware and engine teams, and to internally develop a number of multiplatform products for market release next year.

But the company, which once boasted around 400 employees, has been shedding talent over the past two years, most recently blaming the economy for putting a number of staff on notice.

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Latest comments (9)

Terence Gage Freelance writer 10 years ago
This would be a terrible shame, if it turns out to be true.

Best of luck to all those affected.
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Sean Noonan Lead Level Designer, Ruffian Games10 years ago
I wonder what this means for Game Room...
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Matthew Hill Head of Recruitment, Specialmove10 years ago
Good luck to all affected - Krome had a good reputation but a combination of unfavourable currency movements and cutbacks in third party development was always going to make things tough. Hope people land roles swiftly in Australia with the likes of Firemint, THQ, 2K, EA etc
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Josef Brett Animator 10 years ago
Shame. Good luck to those affected. It's always hard to hear of another dev closing.
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Tom Wilhelm Ødegård Dpt. head Gaming, Spaceworld AS10 years ago
Very sad news indeed, I really love Game Room and the pseudo 3D-game Blade Kitten was also very entertaining in my opinion.
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Josef Brett Animator 10 years ago
I'm sure MS will continue with Game Room if they decide it is viable (finacially). Not a fan of it myself - nothing to do with what Krome created, just I think it's a big price to pay for a bit of nostalgia.

Edit: of course, if MS feels that Game Room was a mistake, then it's a perfect excuse to kill it off...

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Josef Brett on 18th October 2010 4:39pm

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Jamie Watson Studying Bachelor of Games & Interactive Entertainment, Queensland University of Technology10 years ago
i just hope they dont a student studing game devlopment there were going to be my first point of call....

if its true (which i hope not) guess ill have to look elsewere....
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Tony Johns10 years ago
Even more reason for me to try and move overseas to Canada. My land of Australia is just not going to be a place for me.

Would really love to play Blade Kitten for their attempt to make it Anime style though but playing though the demo on a friend's PS3 gave me the impression that they were trying to make a desert punk type of world.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 10 years ago
Damn. Krome has made some really fun games over the years. Not all of them "perfect" but you could see where the talent shone. I hope everyone there can find work elsewhere. The industry REALLY needs to come to the realization that no matter what any economist says, this recession is still cooking in quite a lot of places all around the world...
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