Langdell kicked out of IGDA

Plus Edge Games boss' Associate Professor page on university website disappears

The International Game Developers Association has removed disgraced Edge Games boss Tim Langdell from its membership roster.

In a brief note, IGDA chair Brian Robbins explained that "any member may be removed from membership if the member has demonstrated a lack of integrity or unethical behaviour, as determined by the Board of Directors."

Langdell's long run of litigation against any game firm that attempted to use the word 'edge' in its products' titles looked to have come to an end last week, with a US court ordering that he be stripped of his trademarks.

While Langdell's acceptance of this judgement required that he not formally admit to any wrongdoing, the judge had earlier accused him of deceiving the US patent office with doctored magazine and game art.

The Edge Games boss, who has yet to comment on the recent rulings, was a former member of the IDGA board, but elected to step down last year ahead following news that his position was to be reviewed in the light of his various legal threats to small developers.

Additionally, Langdell may have left or been removed from his teaching post at the National University in San Diego.

His page on the university's website, which listed him as Associate Professor for the School of Media and Communication, has been pulled at some point between now and September 25, according to Google's cache.

This may, however, be entirely unrelated to Langdell's legal woes. has approached the National University for comment.

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Stephen Northcott Senior Consulting Engineer 11 years ago
They needed a court to tell them that his actions were "unethical" before they kicked him out?
Circumstantial evidence and 90% of the membership carried no weight though.
Another reason not to bother with the IGDA.
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I'm not sure what leadership or Game related focus has been brought to fore with IGDA lately.
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Lee Camm Web Magazine Editor/Writer 11 years ago
The small, independent games developers are having a harder time than ever, and don't need people like Langdell trying to monopolise a word, with threats of legal action.
I hope he gets what he deserves, and learns his lesson.
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Mathias Johansson Co-founder, SkyGoblin11 years ago
Is it just me or is Langdell's downfall receiving an unproportional amount of attention? Not that I don't enjoy seeing a celebrity dickhead take a few well deserved punches, to me its as amusingly irrelevant as seeing rescued chilean miners on tv. But it will be nice to have this scandal over with so we can get a news coverage that is relevant to the remaining 99.99% of the industry that has never been affected by Langdell's litigations.
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Alec Meer Director, Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd11 years ago
No one story - including this - happens at the expense of other stories, Mathias. And in this case, the point of interest is as much the IGDA's response to developer issues as it is Langdell's downfall.
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Christopher McCraken CEO/Production Director, Double Cluepon Software11 years ago
Patent and Trademark trolls are very important to 100% of the industry. Whether they are affected by Langdell's shenanigans or not. Whether it's, Tim Langdell or whomever comes next, these people need to be reported on, and the nature of how they operate deserve coverage as much as the latest sales numbers.
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Andy Payne Chair/founder, AppyNation11 years ago
Dr T are you on Edge?
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Mathias Johansson Co-founder, SkyGoblin11 years ago
I don't mean to play down the importance of patent trolling as such. I just found the first 5 articles published on gamesindustry the past ten days (yup this one makes 6!) covering the court aftermath to be abundant. No criticism intended though, these are just my 2 cents.
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Lewis Brown Snr Sourcer/Recruiter, Electronic Arts11 years ago
I have to agree with Mathias as nice as it is to see his downfall is their nowt else going on....?
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Jordan Woodward Level Designer, Rebellion Developments11 years ago
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Jack Boats elitist 11 years ago
Karmas a b*tch
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Considering Langdell broadsided one of our clients who produced Edge of Twilight, I think its some just karma in return, but perhaps too posthumously late for justice to be served.
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Derek Smart Software Developer/Engineer, 3000AD, Inc11 years ago
It is patently embarrassing for them. After all these years - AND - having him on the board, NOW they want to get involved?

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Tim wanted to bite more than he could chew, EA was just bad luck for him. Too bad that the case reached its boiling point only when the big lawyers were involved. Was there any chance for indie studios to be protected? Not really.
Now for IGDA it's PR and politics left: Langdell reputation will impact the Association - they want it to be as small as possible. You're with the big guy until he gets busted, than you tell everyone you didn't even know him...
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Derek Smart Software Developer/Engineer, 3000AD, Inc11 years ago
@ Alexander

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Adam Jordan Community Management/Moderation 11 years ago
@ Mathias

Considering news like this is big and continues to progress when more people are involved, then there will be a lot of articles on the subject. Rather than updating just one article with what happens next, Alec and co are giving fresh articles for everyone to see and read up on the situation.

Sure it would be nice to see other things happening in the gaming world but personally, I would say this is one of the biggest.

Either way, I do hope Langdell loves his place in the Hall of shame
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Stefan Pettersson Specialist Consultant, Fat Tuna11 years ago
EA saves the day! Never thought I'd write that :)
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the enemy of my enemy is my friend. EA did ride into the rescue :)
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Ashley Tarver Indie 11 years ago

To be fair to, this (to me) is new news (the IGDA angle), and makes welcome reading this dreary dull morning.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Ashley Tarver on 18th October 2010 8:39am

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 11 years ago
I had no idea this man was a lecturer as well, colour me surprised!

Another nail on the coffin!
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