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Willits: "Rage would have been rushed without Zenimax"

id creative director praises new management, predicts disc-less next-gen

Tim Willits, creative director of id software, has praised parent company Zenimax for the support it has offered during the development of Rage, telling that the company operates a very hands-off style of management.

Speaking during the Eurogamer Expo, Willits was unequivocal in his position on the company which acquired the previously independent id, highlighting the fact that the buyout had allowed Rage to become a better product, released only when it was finished.

"What's really great about Bethesda and Zenimax is that they're like, 'you know what, you guys have been really successful. We don't want to mess that up. So you guys do exactly what you're doing'," said Willits.

"I can tell you that if we weren't part of the Zenimax family, we'd be trying to rush this game out. So it's so nice being able to say, let's ship it next year, let's get the multiplayer awesome, let's get the game as great as we can make it. Without their support, I honestly think that Rage would not be as good as it's going to be."

During the interview, Willits also expressed his belief that a new generation of consoles which forgoes physical media in favour of streamed or downloaded content would make sense for publishers, but only if a sufficient infrastructure exists to support them.

"I don't know anything about the next generation of consoles, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was no optical disc. I think that would make sense. And that cuts the whole piracy issue too," he theorised.

"Transfer speed is still not there, mass market. Heck, where I live I don't even have DSL. But yeah, that would be nice."

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While streaming content sounds fantastic I think the people who constantly feel that is the next main form of media distribution forget one main thing, or at least choose to ignore; ISPs - if I wanted to stream all the games/films I get in an average month then my ISP would cap me within 1 month, and give me outrageous charges come the second/third.

Regardless of potential network upgrades(speed) in the UK, in my experience of usage and shopping around the majority of ISPs, especially the 'big players', are getting stricter with bandwidth.

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