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n-Space denies closure but claims 'industry a mess'

Goldeneye DS studio 'down but definitely not out' after new lay-offs

Florida-based developer n-Space claims its doors have not closed, following rumours last week that it was to shut up shop after 15 years.

The studio laid off an unspecified number of employees on Friday, having already lost 25 per cent of its workforce in August.

CEO Dan O'Leary took to the company blog to promise n-Space had not closed, despite media reports to the contrary.

"After supporting 70-90 employees for several months without funding, Fridays layoffs were unavoidable," he claimed.

"I will be back in the office next week, along with our core team, to firm up a few of the many deals we are negotiating. If all goes as planned we'll be calling people back before the end of the week.

"n-Space is down, but definitely not out."

However, he admitted that the studio's primary development focus, the current Nintendo platforms, had become a challenge.

"The Wii and DS markets have nearly collapsed and 3DS is a brave new world the publishers are excited about but also very cautious to enter."

He also fingered iTunes as making the marketplace for mid-budget titles especially difficult this year, and the recession as deterring consumers from purchases. "The games industry is, frankly, a mess," he claimed.

O'Leary specifically identified the collapse of an apparently done deal and publisher prevarication on others as the cause of Friday's redundancies.

Impending releases from n-Space include DS versions of the 007: Goldeneye remake and Call of Duty: Black Ops, and a Wii adaptation of the upcoming Tron movie sequel.

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Latest comments (4)

Denis Dyack President, Silicon Knights10 years ago
Good luck Dan! - we are rooting for you guys!
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Lee Camm Web Magazine Editor/Writer 10 years ago
I agree completely, that the industry is in a mess. More and more companies are going under, or being absorbed by the larger companies. And the recession has drastically put a 'choke-hold' on the consumer market. I just hope the smaller developers like this one can continue to show their talent.
Good luck

Really looking forward to the 007:Goldeneye and Tron games.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 10 years ago
I'm hoping n-Space survives this, as the HD console versions of all three games are practically guaranteed hits. Hopefully, multi-platform owners who happen to have a DS or Wii will pick up these titles as well. I'm absolutely interested in playing Goldeneye, COD and Tron across all platforms because that's how I prefer to roll when it comes to reviews.

The industry is a mess for a ton of reasons O'Leary noted plus a lot more that will end up sinking even more studios unless things change quickly.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 10 years ago
Best of luck to you all at n-Space -- it would be a terrible shame if the company went under, as it has been a reliable developer who sadly have never had themselves a breakout hit.
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